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Rainy, Sleepless Night

On one of the few rare occasions in my life I didn't sleep for the entire night yesterday. I woke up at 2pm and so I decided, hmm, maybe I shall turn in at 2am. And in the end I got stuck knee-deep in the stupid challenging econs tutorial I find myself wide-awake at 3am. Maybe I shall turn in at 4am I told myself, after I tried doing my Poisson Distribution tutorial. Heh! I finished it at 3.50am. And it started to rain.

I find myself in a place like I've never been before. Seeing countless raindrops falling from the pitch-dark nightsky onto brightly illuminated campus ground. Although the lobby and walkways are brightly-lit, I see nobody. Suddenly I felt like I'm the only one on earth. That kind of feeling sort of rocks! Heh!

Emotions start to overwhelm me. I ransacked the room for my camera. Aha. There it is. Turned on the power and started shooting the magnificent tropical storm ravaging the nighttime darkness. 

Rainy Night 01

I walked outside, sat on a stone bench and started to enjoy that wild gust of wind blowing through my ruffled hair (who the hell combs his hair in the middle of the night?!) I felt so peaceful out of a sudden. That kind of peacefulness every single busy soul craves for. Enlightenment :) For the very first time in my life, I know what peacefulness means.

I stumbled upon this song a few weeks ago, and it's called Beautiful Night performed by the band named "The Afters". It's a really nice song! I switched on my MP3 player and sang along with the melody as I watch the storm alone at night.

Before I can realise anything, it was 5.30am on the alarm clock. 30 more minutes to rise-and-shine, so I told myself no point sleeping again. I watched the rain behind my bedroom window with all the lights turned off. So lovely. I touched the water droplets splattered on the window. How cooling. I've never had such a meaningful night before!

6am. I changed into my school uniform and headed off the school… to copy econs tutorial (I didn't write a singly word on it). Haha :D

Anyway, before I end this post and in a bid to brighten up my day, here is a grateful list :mrgreen: names are arranged in alphabetical order:

  • All my blog commentors – Thank you so much for showing your support and concern! I am having a busy week so I'll try to leave comments at your blogs as soon as possible… hopefully I can get it done by this weekend!
  • Ivan – You keep looking at me during the assembly today. Are you thinking what am I thinking? Haha. But everytime I see you, you never fail to bring a smile across my friend. Thanks for being my great friend for the past 2 years!
  • Ms Wang – You said I've got nice handwriting and colourful tutorials! Haha! It made my day!
  • Reihorng – Awww! You're awesome! Thank you for mugging with me at Fishtank! I never felt so motivated in the past few weeks. Haha! Yea and thanks a lot for lending me your Chemistry tutorial as "reference"! Heh! And thanks for lending me a listening ear! I'm so touched! Thanks!
  • Yueqi – Seeing the smile on your face as I pass you a really random letter… I just feel happy that I make another person happy today :D haha! And ck don't be jealous. You'll get your letter soon. And Ivan too. I forgot to bring your letter today. I'm so blur…
  • Yuting – Thanks for lending me your econs tutorial! It saved my life! And you're getting really muggish lately… which is a good thing! All the best for your studies (and relationships). Wishing you an early happy birthday (Yuting's birthday is on the 3rd of May, which is tomorrow!!!)

Have a great day everyone!

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