Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Beta’s Release!

I'm so proud of myself! I made this template in less than 48 hours! Especially I cheated (somewhat) because I used most of the crucial backbone css styling from the previous template (teddY-risatioN™ Alpha). I just altered some of the colours so that they look nicer, and I've decided to use Verdana again, ditch Tahoma because of its horrible appearance at small font-sizes, and Century Gothic is a definite NONO for blog texts because it gets pretty ugly when shrunk.

teddY-risatioN™ Beta

The code name for this template is actually Colour Burst. Quite obvious because you have this super duper colourful header on top :razz: But then since I want to keep reminding myself that this blog is constantly evolving, I've decided to name it Beta. And yes, when I get more ideas and nicer designs the next one will be Gamma and so on and so forth :mrgreen: lol!

Here are some of the major changes from Alpha to Beta:

  1. Header image [view image]- More colourful, smaller (this one is a mere 100kb! the previous one was Godzilla-sized) okay it's no longer small because I decided not to sacrifice too much quality. Now it's capped at 120kb.
  2. Search [view image] – You can see your searched term BIG in the form at the top-right corner! Haha!
  3. Blockquote [view image] – I've decided to change the blockquote style. It should look nicer now and less glaring.
  4. Flickrness [view image] – I got the idea from Veerle's blog. And I learnt how to style it appropriately all thanks to her instructions posted here .
  5. XHTML Valid – Yes! I still managed to keep this theme XHTML Transitional Valid. But sometimes it shows some error because you're reading the old posts (which are not XHTML friendly at all) or when Chinese characters appear on the page. Otherwise, it's perfectly valid! Heh!

Tell me how you feel about the new blog theme! Hope you all love it!

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