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Beautiful Sunday Morning

Top Level Edit: It's Nonnie's blog Spiritual Garden's First Birthday today! Go over and wish her blog a happy 1st birthday will you? :D

Spiritual Garden’s 1st Birthday

It's a Sunday morning. Woke up at 6am (I never did wake up THAT early for school! What's wrong with me :razz: haha!) to do my laundry. Now I know the reason why I must wake up that early – if I don't, I'll clash with the laundry crowd later in the day and I'll end up wearing all my soiled underpants for the rest of the week! Haha!

Okay, forget about those ramblings. This post should be jam-packed with photos! I woke up early and so I managed to catch sunrise with me beloved camera :mrgreen: Some of the photos I've taken even made it into my personal favourites. Well in this photo series you'll me seeing me posting pictures in an orderly manner :D so that it will make reading easier.

I started off from the stairwell…

Room On The 2nd Floor

Since there are too many photos to show I've tucked the rest of the post beneath the MORE tag. Before you click the button, just a note – the images shown are smaller versions of the larger ones. They are clickable thumbnails! Clicking on them will open the images in the lightbox :D enjoy!


- Sunrise! -

Spotted this magnificent sight was I walked along the road leading towards the canteen. Lovely! I love the design of the lamp-post – minimalistic, elegant, modern and stylish!



- Reflections -

There is this seasonal garden. A winding streams slices the garden into two halves, and since the cleaners cleaned the stream yesertday it looks very blue and clean. Well before that it was clogged with algae (yikes!). Haha! 

Reflection #1

Reflection #2


- Up Close -

I was walking along the flower beds downstairs. As the sun starts to rise from the horizon it bathes these cute little yellow beauties in its warm sunlight. Beatiful isn't it? 

Up Close #1

Up Close #2

Up Close #3

Up Close #4


- Blue Sky -

My eyes are getting tired of staring those flowers really up close. So I decided to look up at the sky. Woah! Thanks to the small shower yesterday night the sky looks exceptionally blue! What a wonder!

Blue Sky #1

Blue Sky #2

Blue Sky #3


Hope you've enjoyed the photos as well as the way I present them :D have a great Sunday everyone!

P.S. ARGHHH I have Math lecture test tomorrow and what the hell am I doing now?! Eeeeeks. Haha! 

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