Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Behind The Scenes

This post is with regard to the comments made for previous post [ teddY Learns How To Draw (and Design) ]. Well, in contary to popular belief, the 2 lovely-looking images are not scanned since I'm so poor I can't afford a scanner my scanner spoilt. I played around with the curves function of Photoshop instead to make the photos look as if they're scanned. Cool right? :cool:  Here are some behind the scenes photo (warning – they look horribly ugly!) :

Original Photo

Original Photo


And here are some before and after photos as I make good use of the almighty Photoshop CS2. The 2 images below are clickable. When you click on them the final edited image will be shown in the lightbox :)

Before & After

Before & After

If you would want to know the details behind the manipulation do remember to drop a comment to tell me :mrgreen: since the process is short and sweet I think making a tutorial out of it wouldn't be some rocket science ;)

Anyway, after I've edited the photo, they're effectively black and white photos. So I can simply crop part of the image and move them around to arrange them in the order I love. Isn't this great? As long as you have a camera impossible is nothing (okay Nike don't sue me for using your tagline). 

Oh, and I've spent quite some time yesterday (because I was so damn bored) playing around with the create-a-sim feature in Sims 2 to create my ideal family :D So here they are (click image to view larger version):

My Ideal Family? Hmm…

Maybe I shall blog about their lives next time. :) Have a nice day! 

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