Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Sunday Ramblings

It's the last day of the long Good Friday weekend! Tomorrow is school. And monday blues. Not good.

1. Familiarising Myself With Adobe Illustrator

I never knew Illustrator CS3 was out, and I asked my parents to buy me the CS2 version. Nevermind. I think CS2 is good enough for me ;) Well I've been teaching myself how to use it since the day I've got it. The process was quite a painful one since I'm so used to the Photoshop CS2 workspace, the Illustrator was looks like a Martian landscape to me. Aiks.  I'm currently refering to N-Design's Illustrator Tutorials . I've learnt how to make really lovely stamps today! These photos are some of my personal favourites!

My Stamp Collection


2. 1000th comment!

Congratulations to Rei for posting the 1000th comment on this blog! Finally I've reached the 1000th mark before the 3rd birthday of my blog (yea that was actually my aim) :mrgreen: Woots! Kudos to Rei!

Anyway, Rei introduced Nana to me yesterday and I totally enjoyed the movie on Youtube :) okay I know Nana is meant for girls but hey I don't mind watching if it's nice. Nana's really nice. 

3. Stupid Yahoo Threw Me Out! Ratsofratso!

Argh. I logged in to my Yahoo! Mail today and realised Yahoo! threw me out of the window. Grrr. OMG can you believe being just inactive for 4 months Yahoo decided to kick me out, unlike Google which gives me a 9 month period.

Kicked Out from Yahoo! Mail

Okay. Thanks for reassuring me that it is way better off for me to use GMail. I love GMail! Does that make you jealous now, Yahoo? Oh and GMail is offering a near to 3GB of storage space! :D Goodbye Yahoo. Bleagh.

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