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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

A Fruitful Saturday

I am in a very high mood today :mrgreen:

1. Staying Healthy!

I tried to exercise more since I think I am not as healthy as I used to be. I tried the standard 2.4km run and OMG my timing went really bad! Last time I could complete the same distance in barely 10.5 minutes and today it took me 12 minutes. Time to gear myself up for the oncoming physical assessment.

In fact I ran more than 3km today because I started jogging from the boarding school, down to the track, ran 6 rounds around it (2.4km), ran to block A classrooms, ran 4 stories up and 4 stories down (something like vertical marathon but I just ran to see how long can I last), and then back to the boarding school. It only took me 30 minutes to get really exhausted!

But at least I managed to jog today :D I've been wanting to do this many many centuries ago but I never got the serious mindset to do it. Finally I forced myself to run today. I'm happy! I've just decided I should do the same thing every weekend.

2. Room Cleaning…

I'm a clean freak! So I told myself that I gotta clean my room every fortnightly to prevent nasty dust and hairs (yes… they can get pretty irrtating) from accumulating. It only took my 45 minutes to get my room sparkling clean again! Woohoo :mrgreen: I love cleaniness!

My Room! :)


3. 503 Max Combo!

I started playing this game called Dance With Intensity Extreme last year. It is a free version of the Dance Dance Revolution by Konami emulated on PC. So instead of using your legs to hit the arrows in the arcade, you use your fingers on the keypad! I think it is a pretty good game to train your eye-hand coordination as well as your reflexes ;) Haha!

Dance With Intensity Extreme

I've stumbled upon this really hard song called Healing Vision – Angelic Mix! It is at 196beats per minute! Crazy! But somewhat I managed to pull through at obtained a max combo of 503!!! I'm so proud of myself! My best record ever!

Healing Vision - Angelic Mix

Woots! 503 Max Combo!


4. Fuzzy Wuzzy

I've got a few friends asking me yesterday the real identity of Fuzzy*. I must say that since I've concealed his identity I have no plans to reveal his true identity unless it is very neccessary… but they've got all their guesses wrong! Awww… Ivan even suggested Fuzzy is Math Tutorial (what the hell), meaning that I'm a mugger or something *beats Ivan up with hammer*

5. Got My Longwaited Hair Cut

The past few weeks was pretty hectic for me and I realised my hair is getting longer again. Grrr. Finally got the time today to visit the aunty. Actually she isn't really good at cutting my hair since she always make my hair look super weird after that. But then thinking that 2 more haircuts will entitle me with one free haircut, I still give it a shot. And obviously she sort of screwed my hair up again. Nevermind. My faithful brylcreem hairgel will help me conceal all the flaws when I get back to school. ;) 

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