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Lost & Found

Where's my phone? OMG!

This is the first thought that raced through my tired brain after a night of fun with the junior class at Ms Clarity Cafe. I reached the bus stop and when I was about to start walking back I realised my pockets were exceptionally light. I touched it and found that my bukly Nokia 6610i has gone missing.

Spare me the rhetorics. I am completely aware that the phone is an antique but getting it back is of utmost importance since that phone meant a lot to me and also, mom would kill me if I lose it she warned me earlier the trouses I'm wearing have shallow pockets.

I called my phone. It's ringing, but no one picked it up. Means most probably it's not stolen since if it really was the freaking theif would have ended the call immediately. Called mom for SOS and asked her to help me bar the phoneline just in case some foreigner picked it up and starts a frenzy of calling oversea numbers (and I would have died by looking at the phone bill next month).

Barring the phone means… if someone picks it up he might throw away because either he can't contact the owner or he thinks the phone is useless now. Before mom barred it I immediately sent an SMS to my phone informing anyone who might pick it up about the situation and asked him to contact my roommate.

Thank God at 2am I got a call from this person with really weird accent. He told me that he picked up my phone. Being too tired (oh my you wouldn't want to know how crazy that outing to Ms Clarity Cafe was) I told him that if possible I will collect the phone from him today and he agreed. I ended the call and… went back to lalaland.

Woke up at 1pm (stop calling me sleeping beauty since I was damn tired :D ) and called the person.

Meet @ Queen Street Terminal, 4.40pm 

I was like… okay. Initially I was pretty worried since today is April Fool, he's a guy and he might want to extort me or something. Worse still if he asks me to go to his house to get my phone. *Goosebumps* Since the bus terminal is a pretty crowded place I immediately agreed, fearing that he might change his mind.

Reached there at 4.30pm and saw this guy staring at me. He asks me whether I lost my phone and I said yes. He directed me to the SBS office at the terminal. Oh. He's a bus captain! I've been thinking WAY TOO MUCH haha thanks to my CRAZY IMAGINATIONS :razz: So I signed some documents and wrote some compliments (so that he can get promoted or something) and ticked all the boxes indicating "Excellent" which descriptions I don't bother to read.

Before I left I said thank you (which is like the 100th time saying) and peered at the bus captain's name tag. I didn't get a really good look but this is his name:

Ahmad Bakti Bin Wahran

Thank you so much for returning my phone! 

16 hours without a phone. And luckily I got to back. Phew. And luckily it's not an April Fool scam!

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