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Well since my block tests are over (yippe! :mrgreen: ) I decided to make a trip to Vivoctiy Singapore to get some photos… for you to see (eye-candies!) as well as to make myself feel more like a human after days of intesive mugging like a crazy machine.

Before we start off here is a panorama of the waterfront promenade at Vivocity. If you look carefully to the right there is where the Starcruise Virgo is! Woots! How much I wish I can board the cruise and have a really nice time onboard. Anyway as usual there is a larger version of the panorama – click on the thumbnail to view it in lightbox.

Vivocity Waterfront Promenade Panorama

Again like usual due to the large size of the images to be posted they have been pushed under the read more tag. Awwww. Enjoy!

Vivocity Photo Collage

I'm pretty impressed with the interior design of the shops as well as the entire mall itself! Well what makes me so darn impressed is because I've been there once on the first weekend it was opened and the place was crowded, hot, noisy and dusty, so at first Vivocity gave me a pretty bad first impression. But after hearing all my friends frequently organising shopping trips to the trendy mall I decided to give it another try. And so here I am presenting to you Vivocity.

Oh and if you didn't realise almost all the images are clickable – clicking them opens the original image in the lightbox! Enjoy the frantic clicking (but you're warned for the large file size – but most of them won't exceed 120+kb I think). Let's get it started! 

Inside VivocityWell, I must say that Vivocity is one of the most spacious shopping malls you can ever find in Singapore! Maybe because of space constraints many shopping malls in Singapore are designed to be long and narrow… but Vivocity broke the tradition of such design. Basically from the outside the mall looks like a big rectangular artistic and tastefully designed blob but when you go inside you realise that there are 3 main shopping arteries, each artery having its very own unique combination of a variety of shops and eateries. The floor glitters under the lights because they used tiles with reflective beads embedded in them… makes you so stary-eyed! :D

Tangs - Nice Design!Oh and I spotted a few really nice shops! If I did't read wrongly Tangs sells aroma therapic stuff ranging from candles and stuff and it also sells flowers and colourful vases and interior decorations! I love the way how things are meticulously arranged in the shop… with all that different colours they make your eyes very saturated with colours! The atmosphere inside is also pretty nice – very calming and relaxing since it's filled with the aroma of some special-scented air refreshener or something. But I've got a hard time taking photos as there are security guards and shopkeepers… they didn't say that photography is prohibited but yea I better take care of myself ;) Here are some of the really nice photos taken inside the shop! Look at the striking bold colours!

What Lovely Colours!

Oh and of course there are other more really nice shops with nice interior designs for your eyes to feast on! Here is a photo collage of the photos I've taken:

Shops! Shops! More Shops!Looks like the image is a little too big when displayed in 500px width so I decided to shrink it into 250px. Click on it to view the 500px version. Due to the large number of colours in this particular collage the heavily optimised version still weighs about 170kb. You've been warned if you're clicking on the image to view the 500px version!

Anyway here is the list of shops in the collage (from top, moving left to right): Nichii (which is having 20% sale now), Crocs (selling croc shoes…), LVER, Tagger, Thirtysevendegrees, Esprit, Starbucks Coffee (hoozah! Energy booster) and Adidas. In terms of interior design I love those of LVER and Adidas the most! LVER looks really nice with all those white leaves on its logo as well as in the shop (plastered to the walls). Gives me a very autmn feeling. Adidas have this 3 stripes of illuminated white bands stretching from the shop facade to the back of the shop… which is very cool! 

GreeneryNow we shall move to the top of Vivocity. Vivocity also boasts its eco-green style because it actually has a park with real trees planted on the fourth floor! Very spacious and landscaped nicely. I love those abstract art pieces in the park! Very inspiring (as well as puzzling! :razz: ) I love the way how the designer (I heard it's a Japanese guy… anyway Japanese architects create really great works, like the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge) incorporate the concept of greenery in the city into the design of Vivocity. Perhaps he got the idea from KLIA, Malaysia? Since the airport is designed to be an airport in the jungle, although trees post an aviation threat when planted on runways :D haha! Before I end this post we still have a few stray photos who have nowhere to go… so I plopped them at the bottom of the post! Since they're big enough they don't come with original versions.




This concludes my afternoon at Vivocity! For your information, I spent only 1 hour there but I spent 2 hours editing and posting the photos and typing this post entry! How ironic! Hehe! :D Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. I am officially liberate from block test 1! Oh dear the physics students still have to sit for their last paper on Monday… wish the luck! Well I'm done for blocks by now! Woohoo! 

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