Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

The A-Z Tag

Checked my shoutbox and found that I've just got tagged by Logic. It's an A to Z tag asking me to describe myself. Basically I'm just required to write something about me that starts from A to Z. Quite easy!

Well, here you go.

A for AGE : 17-year-old blogger, moving on to 18 by 3rd of October.

B for BLOG : Named after a weird idea of calling myself teddy instead of terry. And made it sound funkier by adding… -risatioN™ behind it? So you get teddY-risatioN™

C for CAREER : I wish I can get a full-time job in Biotech / Pharmaceutical, while getting a part-time job in graphic design perhaps?

D for DREADED : Inconsiderate and rude people. Like pole-dancers on MRT Trains (those who hog the poles si that you can't grab them).

E for ESSENTIAL STUFF I NEED : Well I need internet access! And photoshop! And illustrator! And a copy of Newpaper or any newspaper / magazine. Don't call me an internet addict anyway… since I'm not that addicted. I'm more addicted to photoshop :razz:

F for FAVOURITE SONGS : Complicated by Avril Lavigne, 4ever by The Veronicas, Dirty Little Secrets by The All American Rejects

G for GAMES : My favourite games? As long as they have anything to do with Will Wright (the creator of the Sims and Simcity series) I'm on!

H for HOMETOWN : Petaling Jaya? But for every Chinese New Year I'll go back to Bukit Mertajam, Penang to visit my maternal grandparents.

I for INTERESTS : Blogging (haha isn't that obvious or something), Designing, Fooling around with Photoshop?

J for JOURNEY : Life journey to be exact. Born in KL, grown up in Malaysia, arrived in Singapore at 13. Experienced 2 near-death experiences, discovers my love in blogging.

K for KBOX : I never like going Kbox. I think singing Karaoke is pretty embarassing…

L for LOVE IS ALL AROUND : Ah, this is also the name to a song by Joan Jetts and the Blackhearts. I'm loving it. But what is important is that we are born to execute a mission – spread to love! Make people feel being loved everywhere ;) Love is all around the place!

M for MOM : I love you mom! And dad too! And all my friends.

N for NO SMOKING : I do not like smokers because they pollute the clean air which everyone has equal right to enjoy. And smoking is the largest single preventable cause of death. Join me in my bid to discourage smoking.

O for OPRAH WINFREY : My favourite host. She's just… awesome (and rich! Yes I'm a little bit pragmatic…)

P for PHOBIAS : I'm scared of mirrors and mannequins. Especially the latter. Okay at least I won't budge if you ask me stare at them in a shopping mall, but hell no if you ask me to sit in a small claustrophobic room with that humanoid piece of plastic. Oh what scares me even more if you let me see disembered / dismantled mannequins, with those heads and limbs lying all around the place.

Q for QUOTE : I always say… "WADEVER".

R for MOST REGRETTABLE : There are still people supporting the act of carbon-offsetting by planting trees! Oh my this can get to disasterous proportions if we don't do anything about this carbon-offsetting practise. I will post something about it sooner or later. Stay tuned.

S for STATUS : Single. And I love doing housework! Ladies… ok just joking. I got no girlfriend (I don't want them now and I think nobody wants me too :D …) and so don't come after me now. Perhaps later.

T for TEDDY : My nickname! Real name – TERRY. Don't call me TOXIC (that's what Ivan calls me), TOXIQUE (another form of TOXIC), MUGGERRY (means mugger-terry), TERRIER (another "brilliant" innovation by Ivan again), TALIBAN (that's what Kaikeat used to call me), MERRYTAN (how the hell I know why some people are calling me this)…

U for U : You! The one Times magazine voted as the person of the year (2006). We are the internet generation. We watch youtube. We blog. We leave anonymous comments on blogs we don't like (haha!). We keep using nudges on msn messenger to irk others. We indulge in the world of personal music players. We are tech-geeks (okay, MOST of us).

V for VAJAYJAY : Behind the scenes of Desperate Housewives. Do you know that in every single one-hour episode actors should not say the word V*GINA for more than once? So that gotta say VAJAYJAY. I think it's hilarious! :mrgreen:

W for WIKIPEDIA : Probably the most influencial source of information we've ever got! Okay it's not 100% accurate, 100% unbiased, but hey, some lawyers quote wikipedia as sources oncourt! Woots.

X for X-RATED FILMS : Don't ask me. Anyway I did not want this question but I can't find any word that start of X (forget about xenophobia).

Y for Y-CHROMOSOME : I'm a guy! Straight guy.

Z for ZODIAC : I'm libra. The magazine says I'm facing financial difficulty this week and I shall start saving. Libras are cheerful people with lower-than-average self-esteem. We are helpful and creative people, and majority of us are visual learners.

Here is the bombshell! The 5 unlucky people who got tagged by me!

  1. Yanni
  2. Rei
  3. Melissa
  4. Denise
  5. Yong Yong BY

As long as you use the alphabets A to Z to describe yourself is enough! :) No need to follow my words, e.g. you can let A be ABOUT MYSELF and B be BOYFRIEND or something you like :D it's all about personal preferences. Get your fingers moving! 

P.S. The block test is nearing and yea that also means I won't be blogging that frequently for the next 7 days or something. But rest assured I will stay alive (because I've got this lovely blog to keep :D !)

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