Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Alpha Is Now Ver 1.1

Maybe you noticed that this blog is Version 1.1 a few weeks ago, but it is until today I got the majority of the design done (yes, designing a wordpress theme is not an easy job). Go visit the pages like:

About | Favourites | Photoshop Tutorials

They've got their appearance revamped, especially about the About page. It looks 120% horrible with all that irrelevant data (and that very useless 100-things-about-me list) last time. So I took some time to retype. It know looks more like a resume. That's more like it! :mrgreen:

This blog is now made 800×600 compatible, means you can view it properly in monitors displaying 800×600 resolutions and above. Of course the best is to view it at 1024×768 since it's more or less the "international standard", although many new monitors have very very sky high resolutions.

Oh, and it'll take a few more weeks for this blog to get to Version 1.2 since I've still got that fugly (you know what it means) links page. It's functional, you can argue, but it doesn't look userfriendly at all. Yucky yucks yucks. Oh and I've still got some bugs to iron out.

Anyway, I'm now using the WordPress Upload function to share my images since I realise if I keep continuing uploading to my Images folder manually via FTP the folder will be filled with millions of images if this blog manages to servive beyond like 5 more years or something. For your information, I started blogging since 1st of July 2004, and a few more months this blog will be celebrating it's 3rd birthday! I'll be holding a virtual birthday bash for my blog (nah, don't listen to this nonsense… it's not like I'm a celebrity blogger or what, haha. Me and my big ego)…

Block Test I is nearing. We still got Block Test II which is somewhere near my blog's birthday (ARGH x1000). And the Prelims (September perhaps?) and A Levels (November). When did life become so meaningless, filled with tests where we just regurgitate what we've learnt? Hah. Life's like that. Stay happy :D 

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