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Dropline Neu!

Dropline Neu! v0.10


Dropline Neu! v0.50

Many of you must have wondered where did I get this bunch of really nice looking icons from? They look glossy, stylish, shimmering with creativity and soaked with colour saturation. Well, they made from scratch from the hands of Silvestre Herra and Pablo Fabregat, and all 339 of them form the Dropline Neu! Iconpack. Here is a brief description of how its author, Silvestre Herra, describes it:

[Dropline Neu!] is a shiny, colorful, and kind of fun looking icon theme. I made this one from scratch. It makes abusive usage of perspective, but gives the whole set an interesting look.

Hope you guys like it. Of course this iconpack is FREE, but I think Silvetre would be delighted if you could give him credit when you use his icons (like me! :mrgreen:) Oh and here is the download link:

Download Dropline Neu!  

Happy icon-ing! 


P.S. Stupid school server blocked the tagboard site so I can't access the tagboard (neither can I reply and read your messages) … I'll see if I can find any ways to access it or not if I really can't, I'll have to remove it. The dumbest thing of all is that they call the website SPAM, and they also blocked my visitor tracker which is also because it's SPAM. No brains to think of excuses of blocking websites students love to go?

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