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Penang Trip

I know this post is horribly outdated but because my exams are nearing I have virutally no time to even cook myself instant noodles when I'm hungry (in fact I drink milk to keep myself full :D) of course this kind of torturing lifestyle will end after my march exams (2 weeks more! counting down…)

Penang Trip

This post is about my trip to Penang, my mom's hometown, during the Chinese New Year holidays. Due to the large number of photos posted, the rest of the post shall be accessed only when clicking the read more link ;) Are you mentally prepared? Haha!

1. Autocity: 

Anyway, 2 weeks ago when I was still in Bukit Mertajam, Penang celebrating Chinese New Year with my family members, we dropped by Autocity over there. Autocity was originally a commercial area built for car manufacturers as car showrooms but for some unknown reason many highclass clubs and eateries found their market over there and so Autocity becomes a place bustling with nightlife!

I've took a couple for very nice photos! Here is a mosaic:

Nightlife @ Autocity

Personally I love the top-left photo the most… I am awestruck by how the architect incorporates the kampung style into alfresco dining. Just awesome. Here is the big photo:

@ Autocity

And we decided to have dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. The menu there reminds me of Fish & Co. in Singapore because the dishes are pretty similar! I ordered this Grilled Seafood Platter for one… and it is super delicious! I shall make you droll:

Grilled Seafoot Platter


2. Penang Equitorial Hotel: 

Oh and I have some really nice tropical goodness from Equitorial Hotel Penang to share with you! This hotel is built on a hill and it has the best landscaping work I've ever seen in my life! The entire hotel compound is jam-packed with greeneries from the tropics complemeted with flowing streams. Here are some of the panoramas specially made for you!

Penang Equitorial Hotel Panoramas

And here are the links to the panoramas for you (*: since panorama #1 has a small image resolution the original image is the same as the one you'll see in the Lightbox.):

Panorama #1 – View in Lightbox (103kb) | View original file (103kb)*
Panorama #2 – View in Lightbox (109kb) | View original file (512kb)
Panorama #3 – View in Lightbox (91.8kb) | View original file (775kb)
Panorama #4 – View in Lightbox (68.5kb) | View original file (940kb)


And before I end this post here are some individual shots in the hotel:


Swimming Pool

Penang View


Have a great weekend everyone! :mrgreen: 

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