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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Whole New Theme!

Woots! As I type this into my wordpress blog I can feel that I am loosing control of my extreme happiness and satisfaction! After 3 days of super-hard work (forging some sleep and homework time) and a whole month refining my CSS skills I finally made this template named teddY-risatioN™ Alpha! Here are some of the very obvious changes from the past theme teddY-risatioN Blue:

1. XHTML Valid!

I see this as the greatest improvement and achievement of my amateur webdesigner job :D I am frequently bugged by those annoying (but crucial) errors… so I decided to really pay a lot more attention on my coding! This includes reviewing all the codes (which is super tiresome!) and stuff like that. However this blog is not yet CSS valid (I don't know why, but will look into it sooner or later)… but at least it is XHTML valid! Yahoo!

*[Urgent Edit] BUT there is a problem that I currently cannot rectify – the posting of Chinese (and other non-English) characters in the wordpress blog and comments will render the page XHTML invalid… but who cares since even Google main page and Yahoo! Answers are XHTMl invalid too?

2. More Posts!

The new theme is designed to hold more than 2 posts on the main page… and I decided to display 3 posts per page since I have readers requesting me to allow older posts to stay up on the main page for easier access. On the other hand, the place where the posts are held are widened tp 565px so that photos can look more natural and uncluttered when posted ;)

3. Less Heavy!

As compared to the old theme this theme loads more but smaller images! All of them are optimised for internet usage so my blog will load faster than before! Yippe! Special thanks to the whole bunch of people who inveted .gif images because .gif extension helps to save lots of space especially for icons and stuff with little colours :mrgreen:

4. Clutter Free!

If you can remember the old theme involves placing a big link list below the post on the main page for easier navigation. Here lies the irony. The big chunk of pretty useless link have now been broken up and placed in different places on the blog with different styling! So you can expect to find recent comments and recent posts links at the footer area!

5. Eyes Friendly

No more weird colours that make the page looks like a crazy artist's creation. Smooth transition of colours (predominantly blue) makes viewing easier!

All kinds of views are welcomed! Criticisms too! :) Sorry for the short post but I gotta rush for lunch! See ya!

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