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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Haha! Yesterday was Valentine's Day! Sorry for updating late because yesterday was a really hectic day for me. And a tiring one too… since I was busy getting gifts from my classmates and my angel (Suatlay) and mortal (Jolyn) :mrgreen: thanks you everyone for your gifts! Oh and special thanks to the girls and a guy (Lekchia) for baking cookies and spreading your love with them! ;)

What makes Valentine's Day so unique in our school is because it also marks the end of the angel and mortal game! It is a fun-filled day because we keep getting presents from everyone, including our dearest angels and mortals! Most of us knew who our angels were… but yea we keep it under the blanket or not the game will be sorta meaningless! 

Well basically here is my first photoshoot of my gifts I received from Valentine's Day, all proudly decorated with pre-made lucky stars sold in Popular Bookstore at S$5.90 per packet :D

I just decided that the photos shall be under "Read More" tag since there are so many photos I am afraid that people with slower Internet connection can't load this blog…

Crazily Colourful Stuff Ahead!

So here are the photos (with credits!):

Oh and bear in mind that the photos are somewhat photoshopped! I blurred the background of some photos because there are too many colours in them and this inflates the file size like nuts! So I used blur to reduce colour information (as well as adding an artistic touch!). Oh and because of all the colours this post is awarded the MOST COLOURFUL POST!!!

Thanks Yueqi!

Thanks Sophia!

Thanks Eunice!

Thanks Kityeng and Yuting!

Thanks Sam & Val!


Oh yea this photo is the sheep with the pen! Do you remember it? It is featured in the post Yet Another Long Post ;) P.S. Suatlay is my angel! My superkind angel!!!

Thanks Suatlay!

She also gave me this Winnie the Pooh photoframe! OMG so cute!!! Haha! 

Thanks Suatlay!

And not to forget the Winnie the Pooh glass gift set! I'm so touched! 

Thanks Suatlay!


And not to forget my dear mortal, Jolyn! She gave me this magnetic photo album where I can store my photos inside! Woohoo!

Thanks Jolyn!

That concludes my Valentine's Day! 

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