Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Not On Hiatus

This blog is not an hiatus although it looks as if it is really on hiatus. And to my dearest blog friends, if you've noticed I've dropped by to your blogs and leave or comment or something :mrgreen: to prove that I am still living and has not gone to eternity (oh my what am I babbling about *slaps face*).

Anyway, you can happily blame the lack of updates on the virus infection I am currently struggling with. It does not only caused the stomach flu (which equals to lots of vomitting and diarrhoea) but also throat infection and a nightly-dose of high fever which typically lasts from 9pm to 9am. Yar. It is pretty torturing and the worse I'll have to bear with a constant fever of about 37.8~38.5 degrees everyday until the virus finally goes off. Eeeks. Please forgive me for any typo errors since the fever is cooking my brain.

To my classmates, no worries, I will be back on Wednesday. It's time for me to get some rest anyway. ;) Haha!

I must get well soon since I will not forgive myself for missing the super delicious reunion dinner cooked by my grandma! I must tell you that she cooks the best food on earth (no boasting). :D Hehe!

Anyway I've tried to get my weakened hands to make some photoshop jobs so that you guys won't get bored when you drop by. So do enjoy the photos while I get some rest till Wednesday.

Now What?

Am I Alone?

Heaven Lights

Memory Land

Aiks. Suddenly felt that Memory Lane is a really bad photo. Don't know why. Bad composition, lousy colours, dull, lifeless etc. Haha!

Anyway I am getting really unhappy with this new theme! Call me a perfectionist since that's what I am since I was young! :razz: I'm also pretty annoyed with the header navigation bar since it really brings back bad memories about getting stalked by a spyware which places advertisements on the top of every page you visit! Haha! I will be working real hard on my new wordpress theme! This will mean that it will take a month or so to get it done. This also means that you folks have to bear with this lousy template (sorries!) Do stay tuned!

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