Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Ver 2.2

Welcome to the revamped teddY-risatioN! :mrgreen: Well basically I just changed the colour scheme to a more funky blue rather than dull green (haha!) and  shifted the navigation bar up to the top of the page, equipped with my latest acquired knowledge of using mouseover effects on background image using CSS styling (do you guys need a tutorial on this?). On the other hand the <blockquote> styling have been changed! Here is a demo:

This is a blockquote with a LINK.

In order to see how the background image of the blockquote works, I will expand this blockquote passage so that it takes up multiple lines.

Looks like the background image also look well in larger blockquotes! Yahoo!

Just another line to make the blockquote section bigger. Haha! 

Anyway, I found out the main problem why people would want me to change back to the old Laila 2.0 theme is because of the post count. I'm not sure what Emily thinks though. Do you mind telling me what makes you feel unconfortable with this new theme? I so decided to edit the code a little (hopefully by today evening) so that it will display 3 latest posts on the main page ;)

I don't know is it just me or something but I got the urge to just keep creating new wordpress themes since after creating this blue theme I felt unsatisfied again. Is this the natural instinct of web designers? Maybe I shall consult Michelle. For your information, Michelle is currently in Australia and she helps people to design blog templates too! Why not you pay her a visit?

There are a few more things to change before this theme is declared 100% complete. One is the really scary color tone of the archive table at the bottom of the page. Eeeks! The blue and the light grey just don't mix. Yucks. And the other one is like what I've said previously, paste some code to add a few more posts at the main page. I just realised I have not changed the colour of <h2> under the <div class="post-content">, making the colour scheme in the individual pages as well as some posts look sort of weird. Oh and last but not least, the footer needs to be changed too. Too bulky. Oh and I have to change the header image too! Instead of displaying Ver. 3.0 I need to revert it to Ver 2.2 since I did not really do a makeover but simply tweaked the colours.

This more or less sums up the improved theme eh? :D

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