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My laptop konked out a few days ago… :sad: for some unknown reason. The ventilation fan stopped spinning and I took it for repair. The repairman told me that everything is fine. I brought it back and the fan did function but it failed to turn on when the chips overheat. So for every 1 hour of use my laptop shuts down abruptly (an inbuilt mechanism to prevent high temperatures from damaging the chips and etc.), followed by another 1 hour waiting for this piece of dumb clockwork to cool down.

I called up the repairman and he says my motherboard might ne damaged. Oh my gosh. I would rather spend my money on buying a new laptop (any I've been a faithful laptop user! I've been using my Acer Travelmate 290 for 3 years and 2 months!) than wasting it on a motherboard.

And as I preapre myself to backup my laptop data (since I want to send it to Acer Headquarters in Jurong for a detail inspection), I found that the freaking CD rom is somewhat damaged! It can still read CDs but it can't burn CDs, which happens to be the one and only way on earth I can backup my entire 9.8GB of personal data. Arrrrrgggghhh. :mad:

So in the end I spend the whole Sunday afternoon transferring the data over to my friends desktop (using his CD rom to burn my CD) using my 2GB Sansa e250 Player at the expense of studying for today's economics lecture test. Now I know why people choose Firewire over USB. Even in USB 2.0 the transfer speed is so slow! I can feel my head smoking with all the explosives.

Finally got my backup done. Phew. And now it's time to leave my problem to the professional geeks at the Acer Headquarters… hope everything is fine.

Anyway about the thing that I've said last Thursday:

I've just made one of the biggest and hardest decision ever made in my academic endeavour… I will get to know the results by tomorrow morning. It is sort of an emotional struggle for me, but life's like that. Pragmatic, hectic, craziness, reality…

It is about me dropping my H3 Chemistry subject.

to those who are unfamiliar to the Singapore Junior College education system, H2 and H1 are the core subjects of our curriculum. I take H2 Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Economics; H1 Project Work and General Paper. These are the core subjects I'm currently working on. About the H3 subject, it is somewhat like a university level course (which means it can be 10X harder than the current core syllabus I'm studying – H2 Chemistry)… and I never thought that my second year in JC will be that hectic. And I ended up desperately catching up my H3 lectures and tutorials at the expense of my beauty sleep (in the end I slept about 2~3 hours each day!) and my H2 core subjects. I felt that I was running out of breath…

Then I chose to drop the subjects. I felt ashamed of myself for jumping into this hard subject just because my end-of-year-results makes me eligible to take the course. I took it out of personal interest and peer pressure. I never though pharmaceutical chemistry can be so darn complicated. My teacher told me that I should not feel ashamed of this decision because it is a better way out of the problem instead of struggling to cope with it. I felt that I have disappointed by previous Chemistry tutor, and I start to hate myself. I may look cheerful outside for the past week, but deep inside I was struggling so badly like a cat being thrown into boiling hot water.

I got my parents to sign the dropping subjcet form, and it looks like some sort of closure for me. At least now I can concentrate on my core subjects and throw that Chemiscal engineering dream behind me.

Life's like that.

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