Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Finally Got The Time…

Well I finally got the time to blog :mrgreen: isn't that nice?

1. Replies!

Here are the replies to the previous post. I'm too lazy to click my mouse to navigate to that page and scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to the comments section. Lazy me :razz:

lunaticgal: You're welcome! Great to see you dropping by!

Melissa: Thank you for that compliment! About the smilies question. Well, the smilies come packaged alongside with WordPress so you can insert the smilies just by typing some codes, listed below. I might not have listed all the smilies but here are some. You can try out yourself! Since WordPress automatically parse the smilies expression I'll have to place "" + "" to separate the characters. Just type in the characters within the quotation marks.

":" + ")" = :)
";" + ")" = ;)
":" + "D" = :D
":" + "?" + ":" = :?:
":" + "!" + ":" = :!:
":" + "razz" + ":" = :razz:
":" + "cool" + ":" = :cool:
":" + "mrgreen" + ":" = :mrgreen:
":" + "sad" + ":" = :sad:
":" + "eek" + ":" = :eek:
":" + "mad" + ":" = :mad:
":" + "neutral" + ":" = :neutral:
":" + "twsited" + ":" = :twisted:
":" + "lol" + ":" = :lol:
":" + "oops" + ":" = :oops:
":" + "idea" + ":" = :idea:
":" + "cry" + ":" = :cry:
":" + "???" + ":" = :???:
":" + "evil" + ":" = :evil:

And about the colours one right, since I'm using the Editor Monkey plugin so I'm not very sure about that… can you ask your sister? Sorry can't help you on this one.

yanni: Okay! Will try to post tutorials soon! Depends on how much can my creativity go.

qureyoon: Thank you so much! Anyway I realised I am such a doofus for spelling your name wrong for a couple of times! Sorry about that.

jigsawme: Aloha nicholas! Thanks for loving it. I think it'll love you too :D


2. Upgraded to WordPress 2.1

I've recently upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.1! Omigosh this new version rocks! It has a more sleek wordpress login page (you can go see it! but you can't log in! haha!), and the post will autosave as you type! The WYSIWYG text edior is now equipped with spell checking too! And now the wordpress development team compressed the codings for wordpress so things will load a little faster than wordpress 2.0. An added bonus is the neater wordpress admin layout! Oh and not to forget comments rss feed is not limited to the 10 most recent comments… it includes all comments now! Woot! WordPress 2.1 comes with a mountain more of functionality ;) Great job!


3. Friday is…

I've just made one of the biggest and hardest decision ever made in my academic endeavour… I will get to know the results by tomorrow morning. It is sort of an emotional struggle for me, but life's like that. Pragmatic, hectic, craziness, reality… :sad:


4. Cheer up!

I've edited my template a little bit and added a little more functionality. Check out the navigation tab at the bottom of this post! You can navigate between archived posts at ease now! Hehe! :D

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