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Yet Another Long Post

Unlike the previous hoax, this post is really long! 120% guaranteed.

Hi all! Sorry for the apparent hiatus since my second week of the term is pretty busy! Let me brief you about some important events that happened in the past 5 days ;)

1. We met our juniors!

At the first glance 07S75 looked kinda gloomy and quiet. That's the first impression I got when I met them on Monday. Claire said that they look as if they were a bunch of zombified 17-year-olds. Well, after some chatting, playing and cheering (yes, the famous 75 cheer, "Ohlala~ 75 lala…"), we realised our junior class is full of interesting people. Just a few examples. Scott, a jumbo-sized lad from the junior class loves ot eat a lot! Haha! Sophia told me that he saw him carrying a big box of sandwich to school and he said that was half the amount he usually eats (OMG). And we have Nicole, a super enthusiastic girl from the class! We saw her teaching the girls about the faculty dance when we popped by for a surprise visit (and hehe the guys went to eat, leaving the girls behind… so bad of them! Haha!). 


2. Hyped up 06S75

Meeting the juniors effectively validates our positon as seniors of the school! We are in JC2 now and we are the oldest batch currently studying in the institution… so we can order people to do this do that and bully them :D haha! But realising being a JC2 students makes me feel so old that I can feel wrinkles popping up on my forehead. Awww. Having a junior class makes the entire class hyped up! Especially the day when we first met our juniors, Sophia and Chankeet were like super high! ;) Everyone is happy to become seniors! Oh, and we've started our angel and mortal game!

The angel and mortal game is a game between the senior and the junior class. Well the seniors and juniors will each pick a person (mostly by random draws)  and that person will be his / her mortal. We should never let our mortals find out our true identity, while we try our best to find out our angel's identity. Here is what I got from my dear angel! OMG she's a really nice angel!

The Angel & Mortal Game


3. Spoilt camera. 

Not actually completely unusable, but the LCD screen of my Pentax Optio S50 got some really scary black dots on it. It seems as if something sharp has pierced holes in the LCD screen causing the death of some pixels (so that look black). I don't think this is covered under my warranty. Anyway maybe next year I'll be getting a new camera or something so I'll just teach myself to be patient for this year. 


4. Great teachers. 

We've got really nice teachers! "Resuscitation." That's why my biology tutor Ms Wang told us why is she teaching our class. Quite true :mrgreen: but we're really glad to have her! At least she can help us on the conceptualising of the complicated biology syllabus. We got Ms Kwee for Maths (she's the Math department head!), but she's a very humourous person! Haha! She always crack lame jokes in class (Ms Wang too! She keeps laughing at her own and also Chris Seah's lame jokes). For Chemistry we got Mrs Crystal Cheong! She's a really nice person who teaches at a slow pace (very suitable for me since I absorb things really slowly). 


5. Discovery.

I found a few photos which I think I never posted it on my blog before. Don't know why they were left deep inside some remote folder in "My Documents", but nothing is better than discovering them! These are photos taken at a bakery located in Ikano Shopping Centre, Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia named "The Baker". I like the interior design of the bakery! It just feels so warm and cozy :razz:

@ The Bakery

@ The Bakery


And here is a photo I've taken during my trip to the club swimming pool during the December holidays! I tried my best to create a reflection effect of the image title! See the reflection of the words "Poolside"?



And here is a shot of the neatly arranged colour papers in the Popular Bookstore, IOI Shopping Mall at Puchong, Malaysia. 

Colour Papers


The photo below was taken during the Apollo dinner shortly after the end of school term! Everyone was so happy! Haha! Featuring robert's hand spinning the thingy.



Oh and not to forget the Winter Solstice Fesitval in December 2006! My family spent the entire morning making glutinous rice balls… I even tried making cubic rice balls! Haha :mrgreen:

Winter Solstice Festival

Winter Solstice Festival


During the holidays my mom brought me to visit her friend in Sri Petaling. Oh my, she really have a nice house!



A macro shot of the piano keys in my cousin's house. 



6. Microsoft Office 2007

I finally got to lay my hands on the brand new Microsoft Office 2007. And holy smokes – I think it is once of the coolest office suite you can ever find on earth! Microsoft revamped the entire interface, giving users a totally new experience in office work. If you have enough money on hand, do remember to pamper yourself with this brilliant baby from Bill Gates corporation, aka Microsoft. Here are some resized screenshots taken. You can click on them to view the original 1024X768 images. 

So we have the Microsoft Word 2007. Look at the interface! So cool! 

Microsoft Office 2007 - Word


And not forgetting powerpoint!

Microsoft Office 2007 - Powerpoint


Here is the juice – it can transform images imported into the slides, convert them into 3D graphics, add reflections, apply soft edges etc… simply amazing! Even in photoshop we have to do it manually… but powerpoint does it all for you!

Powerpoint is like Photoshop! OMG!


Oh, last but not least, Microsoft Excel! 

Microsoft Office 2007 - Excel


This concludes the so claimed very long post! Have a nice day! 

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