Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.


Aiya because I can't access the internet! I have no time and limited internet connection. Since Mr Crooked left my life for good (yes he did! He went to do his damm phd and I don't need to see him anymore again), he took his wireless modem away with him (argh) so I'll need to blog at the computer lab in the boarding school. It is open until 8pm everyday and I always go back late so I can't update my blog…. will try to find some time to update though. ;)

Aiya because another unexpected visitor is reading my blog (most probably). Hi Ms Wang! If you're reading, welcome to my blog :D Thanks for saying that I'm good at photoshop! That's a compliment right? :mrgreen: Anyway you look like one of my blog friend – Jen. You want her blog address?

Aiya because it is 2pm now and I've got to set up my CCA booth for the CCA exhibition today! Anyway I just realised I'm J2 now! Muahahaha! The "seniorest" batch in my school :razz: I can bully the sec ones! Hahahaha!

Aiya got to go already. Bye bye! Will reply your tags soon.

[Edit]: More "aiya" ;)

Aiya because I can't stop laughing after watching this video about 2 crazy dancing korean girls! Haha!

Aiya because I replied your tags!

smashp0p: Happy belated new year!!!

Emily: Happy new year! Really? If you like the old template more… maybe I shall install a plugin which allows visitors to change my blog's theme.

Victor: Happy belated new year!

Bob: You're welcome! Anyway the original firework photos don't really look nice because they were taken a night and I have a shaky hand :D After resizing them to such a small size they look really clear.

KL: Haha yea my first time in my life I spent new year countdown outdoors. Mom was initially afraid of getting out since she's worried for traffic jam, drunken perverts and etc.

CQ: You too!

Steph: Hehe! Happy belated new year!

Lunaticgal: Of course! Feel free to ask any question and shout out your doubts. I will try my best to help as long as I can do it.

Nise: Abstract? Haha it should not be counted as a piece of art since I drew it up when I was bored… didn't really invest a lot of effort in designing it.

Smashp0p: Okay! First you get an A4 paper. Then you find a black pen (preferably black marker) and draw circles :razz: keke!

Emily: Wah I feel so flattered! :D

Pinkfrog: "Eh what book is that?" erm what book are you refering to? Anyway thanks for mentioning the flickr toys! I never knew things can come in so handy! Thanks for the tip!

Dakota <3: Wow what a sweet compliment! Anyway, retail therapy is cool! Anyway you are not born to nag ;) But most moms are naggy. Haha!

Emily: Yea that's a really nice post you've written.

smahsp0p: Frogs way the easy way?

Gibson: Thank you so much for your compliment!

KL: Haha no la :mrgreen: I am just trying to share my experiences with you all about photoshop cs2 since I have a lot of fun exploring it myself and reading online articles about the program. Sharing is caring ;)

bren: Wah brendan thanks for tagging! Hehe! Good luck for your NS!

splashmilk: No la. Haha! Still a photoshop cs2 amateur only.

smashp0p: Soon… soon.

yanni: Okay! Will update soon!

jamie: Yea! J2 is sorta fun but also very hectic! We're loaded with tests on the first week already… gee.

Good night!

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