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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

As 2007 Arrives…

As 2007 arrives, I realised that I'll be dead meat for this year. I am afraid for what will happen this year. As I will be having my A levels this year, I will be getting a lot of assignments, revisions and test papers from my teachers while I desperately try to follow the pace of their lessons. 2006 is a year hectic enough for me that I nearly ran out of gas.

As Valerie pointed out, we have a lot of hardships this year and lay before us and we must try our best to overcome them. Well said Valerie.

As I waited the clock to tick to 12.00am today morning, a sense of sadness overwhelmed me. Everything that happened in 2006 is now history. 2006 is over, and it will never return. Now I start to miss 2006.

Almost one year ago I can imagine myself fooling around for the first school term before the O level results are released, enjoying myself during the oreintation, getting wet and flour-ed during orientation's legandary war game. I miss 2006 so much!

And now I find myself back in Singapore ready for combat (I mean, school life). Leaving home and my beloved family once again made me… sad, perhaps. Or I should be glad since this is my final year in this little island nations and I will continue my studies in Malaysia (while having my teeth braced, getting my driving license and working).

Goodbye 2006… and Malaysia.

Welcome 2007… and Singapore.

I just want to say, I love you mom and dad. Thanks for everything you've done to make me feel happy during the holidays. Love you lots :D

For the second time in my life, my eyes went wet when blogging. 

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