Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Happy 2007!!!

Sorry for being dormant for the past few days. My Internet access have been largely limited due to the overwhelming number of tasks to do before I return to Singapore tomorrow. Well, as New Year approaches my school holiday will soon come to an end. I'm not feeling sad or reluctant to leave Malaysia, but I just like my life at home.

About my holiday… could you still remember how freaking excited I was one-and-a-half month ago? The post is titled "Hoozah!" (an onomatopoeia) to portray my excitement, along with a line of colourful words which reads "I AM BACK IN MALAYSIA!!!" And oh yes I will not forget my holiday plan (remarks are in italics):

1. Academic:
– Study for school-reopening tests (but most probably done LAST MINUTE :razz:so true!)
– File my documents properly – uhoh I didn't do this!!!

2. Food:
– Mom's chicken rice, vegetable soup, chicken porridge, braised pork, fried bee hoon. – mom cooks the best food on earth!
– Penang's Laksa, Bee Tai Mak. – yummy! Penang food is awesome!
– My neighbourhood's pork noodles and chee cheong fun. – done

3. Friends:
– Meet up with friends? – looks like I can't manage to find a weekend to meet up with my blog friends!

4. Play:
– Genting Highland – I went there! Whee! (View Genting Photoblog)
– Batu Ferringhi, Penang – The trip was cancelled! I was so heart-broken. :cry:
– At home, mapling and simcity4-ing!!!  – I didn't do any of these… I was busy blogging! :D

5. Rest:
– SLEEP. – done
– SLACK. – done
– LAZE. – done

Looks like I didn't manage to do a lot of things in my holiday… but I enjoyed myself truly because I tried my best to cherish every moment I have, grabbing every opportunity to chat with my beloved cousins, going shopping with my mom and etc.

But I would want to wish everyone a…


May all your wishes come true! May health, prosperity, beauty (for guys, handsome-ness?), wealth (yea! $$$ cha-ching) and luck be with you all.

Don't party too late tonight! 

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