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Upside Down

This world is getting weirder by the minute. And I really mean that.

Upside Down Case #1 – Terrenganu Govt Bans Women From Wearing Revealing Clothes

When I first read the news on the newspaper I was like *toot*! Where the hell did women rights go? And the government is blaming women dressed in revealing clothes for a recent hike in rape, robbery and snatch & run cases. This is like fining a rich person for being robbed because "he is too rich". They blame women for things they've never done. The government says the women are to be blame. What the hell.

Upside Down Case #2 – Bloggers Die of Boredoom Because of Taiwan Earthquake

It is okay to whine and complain a little on your blog about the slow internet connection caused by the earthquake in Taiwan which broke a couple of international links, slowing down the internet connection speed across Asia and jamming up nearby networks as ISPs reroute their traffic through them. No hard feelings, but can bloggers care more about those people affected by the earthquake? This kind of uncivilised behaviour happens when human's overdependent and blind trust in technology happens.

Newspapers reported politicians whining about they can't share their views with their fans and express their ideas on their blog. Hello, you are politicians and you should do something politically correct. Just a few examples:

A 26-year-old Radio DJ cum music producer (who feels he has disconnected from his fans for being unable to blog) for saying:

I blog very frequently – every fine minutes if I may say so – and this breakdown has affected me emotionally (WTF?!?!?!?!) as I am unable to interact with others.

Another unknown 22-year-old female blogger says:

I feel wretched because I can't release or vent my emotions because I cannot access the internet and blog.

Wow. These people are pathetic airheads.You have a heart, don't you? 

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