Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

teddY-risatioNâ„¢ Ver 2.0

Welcome to the 99.99% revamped teddY-risatioN™ :mrgreen: Woot I am so happy I've finally completed this gruesome task for my dear blog!

Well in fact I started off the entire project after viewing Veerle's blog . Veerle is a graphic designer and her blog theme is totally cool I must say :cool:. Her great use of css styling and valid XHTML (sadly teddY-risatioN™ Ver. 2.0 doesn't qualify yet but I'll try my best)  mass-editing a raw WordPress theme made by Ultimate Diva called the Ultimate Diva Sandbox . It contains all the essential coding in the theme itself but it has its CSS file completely empty.

Who knows I used the <div> tags wrongly and used the wrong css styling (argh!) and so my attempt to edit Ultimate Diva Sandbox failed. :cry: I was so upset at the first place… until I set my eyes on m old wordpress theme edited from the original Laila 2.0 wordpress theme.

Then this idea struck me. Edit the Laila theme (so this theme isn't really designed and coded and styled from groundup)! Whee! So I started editing the css style extensively until I nearly go crazy (and until my gets really mad at me for staying up so late at night). And so… after 3 days of really hard work I've completed the template!

For the graphic wise, I've made the theme more rounded so it looks more pleasing to the eye. I am still sticking with green since green is my second favourite color (my real favourite is blue!). I've got all the really cute icons after I stumbled upon this website which points to website holding a series of PNG icons by Silvestre . Kudos to him for sharing the icons! ;)

Since this is my first attempt at revamping a theme so do comment on the quality :) anyway if you spot any error please tell me so that I can fix them as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who gave me your support as I was desperately editing the css stuff and etc, and sorry for not wishing all of you a big big Merry Christmas because I never thought revamping a theme is such a difficult task :razz:

Now let's look forward to New Year!!!

All the talking is done. Now I shall get back with my Chemistry nitrogen compounds tutorial :D 

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