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Panorama Tutorial

After getting requests from several blog readers I've decided to make a tutorial about making your own panorama. Before you start reading, here is how Wikipedia defines the word "panorama":

In its most general sense, a panorama is any wide view of a physical space. It has also come to refer to a wide-angle representation of such a view — whether in painting, drawing, photography, film/video, or a three-dimensional model. Further, the motion-picture term, pan or panning, is derived from "panorama".

You must download the program called Autostitch (freeware) in order to proceed with the tutorial. Having Adboe Photoshop is an added advantage, although using Paint is also great.

Here we go. Remember to read the notes and captions of the images because seeing the images themselves cannot explain everything (although I must agree a photo = 1000+ words :D

Step 1 - Open Autostitch


Step 2 - Edit Settings (Edit > Options)

Please note that the changes in the settings depends on your own preferences, but the changes seen above are greatly recommdended. Well, for me I would want the original sized panorama (change the scale), with gain compensation (this will help to blend images smoother if they have varying brightness and contrast) and also a 100% JPEG quality for the final panorama produced.


Step 3 - Load Your Photos (File > Open)

Select the photos you want to make your panorama. After selecting them click open.


Step 4 - Click OK and Wait...

Sorry for the error in fact is click open and wait. Well, just wait as the program will perform the autostichting itself. Sit back and relax.


Step 5 - Autostitch Opens Panorama (pano.jpg)

After being done with all the stuff Autostitch will save the panorama it created as pano.jpg (so remember to rename it especially when you want to do multiple panoramas at the same time since it will overwrite the pano.jpg file!).

For advanced users, you can move on to the next step. If you're happy with the panorama, then you're done :mrgreen:

Step 6 - Open Up In Photoshop


Step 7 - Crop The Image (Crop Tool)

Cropping the image will remove the black regions around the panorama and tada! You're done! :razz:

And here are some panoramas I've taken when I rode my bicycle to the nearby town park ;) created using exacly the method stated above.

Town Park


Town Park

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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