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Back From Bukit Mertajam

Yahoo I'm back from Bukit Mertajam! Well of course I had a great time there, but then yea when I return home I told myself I have to really get started with my holiday homework. Just finished econs yesterday :mrgreen: and thanks Chris Seah for the econs holiday homework "guide".

Anyway, here are some nice photos I've taken (including a pretty disasterous one – you'll know as you scroll down).

Bukit Mertajam Panorama

This panorama gives you an overview of how the mountain at Bukit Mertajam looks like… very nice eh? :razz: Panorama taken at my cousin's house, and it is stitched ground-up from 7 individual photos!


A tap on my counsin's house… what a lonely tap.


Bukit Mertajam never looses its small-town charm… even at a traffic junction!

And before I end this post here is a photo series I've made from photos taken during my Genting Highlands trip! Enjoy!


Have a nice day everyone! Will drop by and comment at your blogs very very soon! I promise! 

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