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Genting Highlands Panoramas

Here are more Genting Highland goodness :mrgreen: I've just created a new styling for the <div> element to view panoramic images. You can click on the framed images to view them in a new window (to save the scrolling part if you want to) Tell me what you feel about it.

Oh and before you start viewing the panoramas, here is the css styling to the <div class="panoview">:

CSS Code for Panoviewer

.item .panoview {
	overflow: auto;
	overflow-x: scroll;
	width: 90%;
	margin-left: auto;
	margin-right: auto;

Genting Panorama 1


Genting Panorama 2


Genting Panorama 3


Genting Panorama 4


Genting Panorama 5

Hope you like them! :razz:

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