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Leaving For Genting Highlands

Yahoo!!! I will be going to Genting Highlands in less than an hour's time! Now the house is totally in chaos since we're busy doing some last minute packing :mrgreen: Anyway, I created this new countdown header since today is the day I'm leaving for this highland resort I better do something more… GRAND :D

Sorry to all my blog friends because since we rarely visit internet cafes over there, I can't get an internet connection so I can't leave comments on your blog. But no worries, I will comment as soon as I'm back home ;) 

And I've just got a Hotlink Prepaid phone number!!! Myabe I shall tell my blog friends later. 

Oh, and before I leave, let me share you a joke I found in the latest Reader's Digest issue. It is funny, but it also needs some thinking ;)

There are two nude statues – a male and a female – facing each other in the park. One day, an angel comes, brings them both to life, and grants them 30 minutes to do what they wish. 

The statues give each other knowing looks and run off into the woods together. The angel waits as giggling sounds come from the bushes. After 15 minutes, the statues return, out of breath and laughing. The angle reminds them that they have 15 minutes left.

"Great. Shall we do it again?" the male asks.

"Oh, yes, please," says the female. "But this time, I'll hold the pigeon down and you poo on his head."

ROFLMAO!!! :lol: 

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