Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

First Day Of December

Leaving For Genting Highlands

Sorry for this very late post! Well, today is very special because today is the start of the most exciting month on earth! This sentence may sound familiar to you because I've included it in some of my comments on your (my webfriends') blogs. Hehe.

Sorry about the previous post. Since a lot of personal stuff is involved I've password protected (uhoh!) the post. If you would like to view the post, please do drop a comment (with your email of course ;)) and I'll send the password to you if you're deemed to be a trustworthy person (anyway I approve more than 99.9% of requests, unless you have a really big mouth :D)

To Jamie , Queryoon , Melissa and Yong Yong BY , thanks a lot for your supportive comments. To express my gratitude I've published links to your blog :) Well, something bad has just happened to someone important to me in my life and I feel… depressed. My mom and I talked, we sorted out stuff and solutions, and things are now back on track. Will blog about it later (of course the story will be heavily censored unless you want me to password protect the post again – which nobody wants :razz:). 

I am so bored today, so I decided to create another photo series :mrgreen:

Flora Macro Series

Sorry the photos look a bit of low quality since I used 50% JPEG compression. The normal 75% compression I used creates an image that weighs a wholly 250+kb!!! Wah most people can't load the image if it is that big :D

And forgetful me forgot to upload this before and after photo of our chirstmas tree yesterday!

Our Christmas Tree - Before & After

Good night!!! 

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