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Stop Smoking!

Please read the disclaimer first before you proceed to read this post.


Okay, here we go.

Stop Smoking

This is MY anti-smoking campaign. And this also means that, I hate smokers. As long as you smoke, you've done much harm to the society by not only jeopadising our livelihood and health, but also helping the expand one of the world's most murderous industry – the tobacco industry. My mom says I'm a little too extreme about the whole smoking thing, but I think the act of smoking brings so much harm to the society that we have to stop people from smoking.

Please, spare me the rhetorics about personal rights of smokers. Some smokers openly claim that they have the right to smoke. But hello? Have you people thought of others? Studies shows that second-hand smoke are toxic than your first-hand smoke. You are already depriving others from personal rights of enjoying a clean atmosphere and a healthy environment to live in as you smoke, and so your stand against the smoking ban just ain't valid.

This makes me like Singapore. The government totally banned smoking in public areas, sparing the non-smoking members of public from hazardous second-hand smoke. Smoking is even banned in bus stops, pubs, restaurants, hawker centres and etc, which is definitely good news to smokers.

I hate smokers. They harm the public's health to such a great extent, and when people (like me, sometimes) kindly ask them to stop smoking because they're irritating us (anyway they are smoking illegally in public already, and it is knid enough for us not to dail 999), they give us this freakingly disgusting face, shouting at us, citing the so common "I have my right to smoke!!!". Oh please. Don't tell me that smoking also shrinks your IQ from a well 3 digit to a single miserable digit. You guys are really pathetic. You are enjoying yourselves from that dumb nicotine addiction and you're putting other people's heatlh at risk. You're inhuman, so as to say.

Why should we ban smoking (at least in public areas in Singapore)? Here are some really sobering statistics.


Stop Smoking - Sobering Global Statistics

Here are more of the global smoking-related statistics:

  • 12 times more British people have died from smoking than from World War II.
  • For every 5 American deaths, more than 1 is caused by smoking.
  • Among WHO Regions, the Western Pacific Region – which covers East Asia and the Pacific – has the highest smoking rate, with nearly two-thirds of men smoking.
  • For every 3 cigarettes manufactured, 1 of them is consumed in the Western Pacific Region.



Stop Smoking - Youth Smoking

Here are more statistics:

  • Among young teens (aged 13 to 15), about one in five smokes worldwide.
  • Peer-reviewed studies show teenagers are heavily influenced by tobacco advertising.


3. Health Risks of Smoking

Stop Smoking - Health Risks

Here are more of the health risks associated with smoking:

  • One British survey found that nearly 99% of women did not know of the link between smoking and cervical cancer.
  • One survey found that 60% of Chinese adults did not know that smoking can cause lung cancer while 96% were unaware it can cause heart disease.
  • Smoking-related diseases cost the United States more than $150 billion a year.
  • 50% of all psychiatric outpatients smoke.
  • 70% of manic-depressive patients smoke.
  • 90% of schizophrenic patients smoke.
  • 90% of alcoholics smoke.



Stop Smoking - Smoking In Malaysia

Here are more smoking statistics from Malaysia:

  • Every day about 50 teenagers below the age of 18 start smoking.
  • Smoking is estimated to have caused more than half a million coronary events.
  • Smoking rates are highest in rural Kelantan and lowest in urban Penang and Sarawak.
  • Malaysia has been dubbed the "indirect advertising capital" of the world. Some of the tobacco industry's most blatant efforts to target young people can be seen here.
  • At least two tobacco companies were among the top 10 advertisers in recent years.

My advice: Smoking is a highly dangerous activity. You are not only putting your own health and future in danger, but you are also harming your loved ones. They breathe in your secondhand smokemore than anyone do. Think, before you satisfy your daily craving of nicotine.

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54 responses to “Stop Smoking!” » Leave a response

  1. qureyoonResponse

    not to mention us, who is a passive smoker !
    passive smoker have a lot more high risk in healt i believe :P

    and yes, i hate SMOKE ! not the smokers :P coz some of my best friends are smokers :P

    i only hated the SMOKE ! if they wanna smoke, please smoke in the right place ! not in front of my nose :P

    nice campaign ted ^^

  2. NonnieResponse

    I support!!!

    A very nice post you have here. =^_^=

  3. MelissaResponse

    I AGREE WITH U TOTALLY!!!! i HATE smokers!!! LOL because of that, i’ll be all so annoying and asked my friends to STOP SMOKING cause i hate it. But i’m not really asking them to stop for me but for themselves and the others. This is indeed a very good post, in fact it’s the best!! Nobody will put so much effort to search for all the statistics and all. Well done teddy!! i hope this post of yours will make the smokers realise about what they are doing.

  4. iwanResponse

    Wow!!! I certainly this entry…

    Very very nice..

    However, i only have one thing that i wanna say of which have pertubed me for quite some time..
    If the goverment are thinking to have these campaign in the long run, y not just banned ciggaretes completely??

    Just my 2 cents adik…

    Hope u don get offended…

    Take care!

  5. aprilcherrieResponse

    i hate smoker toooooooo

  6. ReiResponse

    heck to smokers, no matter how much you tell them the effects of smoking they still smoke their lungs black anyways. so for me, they can smoke all they want, i dont care. as for passive smokers like most of us, i guess it cant be helped hmm..

  7. qureyoonResponse

    yo.. ted, i think you should post this picture too ;)

    and Rei maybe you can use that picture to tell those smokers guy :P

  8. MichelleResponse

    great job on this post teddy!! totally agree with you. and melissa!! since when you have friends who smoke?? who you mixed with arr???

  9. teddYResponse

    Thank you all for your comments :D

    Qureyoon: Yea! We are passive smokers because the active smokers forced us into breathing their stinky, toxic and carcinogenic smoke. And yes according to studies we (passive smokers) get more tar deposits than active smokers. I agree that smokers must be considerate enough to smoke in front of others, even though they did not announce their preferences. Most people will get offened by smoke.

    Nonnie: Thank you! ;)

    Melissa: Wow glad to know that you’re a die-hard anti-smoker too! The statistics are from the WHO website :D sorta plagarised. Oops. Thanks for the super sweet compliment anyway. So I’ll waive the RM200 you owe me. Hehe.

    Iwan: Hello abang! No worries I am always open to criticism since there are always 2 sides to an issue. There is never an absolute answer. I am puzzled why governments do not want to ban cigarettes. Maybe because they’re afraid of black markets emerging, which are far more harmful to us. The more we try to stop cigarettes, the more those die-hard smokers want to lay their hands on them.

    Aprilcherrie: Really? That’s great! Thanks for dropping by anyway.

    Rei: I agree! Studies say that most smokers are aware of the consequences of smoking but due to their sickening nicotine addiction they would rather smoke till they die instead of live without nicotine. The worst victims are we people who don’t smoke. You can’t stop us to breathe, but you can stop smokers from smoking. That’s why we would like to ban cigarettes.

    qureyoon: Haha yea! Smoking causes erectile dysfunction. The smokers should be informed about this. Anyway for female smokers, you’re not at an advantage because smoking also causes cervical and breast cancer which can be nothing better.

    Michelle: Thank you for the compliment :mrgreen: Anyway it is quite normal to have friends around you to smoke since statistics says 30% of Malaysian youths smoke. As long as melissa don’t get lured into this unrecoverable blackhole of nicotine addiction she’s far from danger ;) No worries.

  10. lettiResponse

    wow, good job with the graphics and statistics. We definitely need more aware youth like yourself. Well done! Oh, and btw, the winterizing of the truck ( for me anyway ) just means putting antifreeze into the gasoline chamber so the petrol doesn’t freeze/coagulate. It’s late autumn now, but we’re having this freak really cold front coming in from the north so temperatures are plummeting all over the place. Take care!

  11. Bob

    Great presentation ! Second hand smoke is also
    linked to a rise in the incidence of childhood
    asthma. Smoking parents are injuring their children. At least cigarettes are expensive here(Massachusetts) at $4-5 per pack at a convenience store.

  12. teddYResponse

    Letti: Thank you so much for commenting! Greatly appreciated. Oh, so winterizing the truck means using antifreeze.. hehe tropics people like me don’t get to do this kinda stuff. Take care and put on thicker cloths since it is getting real cold over there.

    Bob: Thank you for dropping by! I heard that in some states in the US a pack of cigarettes can cost a lot more. Smoking harms everyone, and does more harm to our loved ones since we tend to hang around with them more.

  13. MichelleResponse

    hey teddy!! read this at the star!!!

    another reason not to smoke!! you should probably as the star to post your adverts!! :)

  14. qureyoonResponse

    This is a good ads, for the passive smokers

    *sigh* –> me as passive smokers :(

  15. Nicholas

    I love this and too I hate smoker. Your anti smoking campaign is cool!

  16. Dian

    I agree with you completely– smoking should be banned like in Singapore, I don’t see why the exercise of freedom applies to smokers and not the other way round. I have a (more) right to enjoy clean air.

  17. Dream

    I don’t mean to be rude as I’m sure I’ll come across, but don’t forget these so called “smokers” are still human. We as humans uncontolably slip into things that we sometimes don’t realise. Advertising a while back encouraged a huge amount of people to start smoking, this then didnt just effect that generation, as it carried on with a sort of ripple effect. People now still smoke and I’m sure still will for many many years to come.
    But what you must remember as previously stated we are only human, who here can say they’ve never had caffeine in coke or coffee, even tried a cigarette, even tried drugs. These are all things that are bad for us and we still go on and do it, why, because it’s experimentation, no amount of don’t do this, don’t do that is going to stop people.
    I understand that, as a smoker it appears selfish to smoke infront of others, many people don’t mind or still arn’t aware of the consequences as im sure nor are the smokers themselves. But again putting pressure on them to stop the way that is currently happening doesnt help.

    I believe smoking is a lifestyle choice, so first you must wonder why do people smoke with so many negatives, is it because they wanted to appear “cool”, fit into a group that smoked, there parents did it?.
    It’s all questions that need to be asked and with that respectfully answered, unless anyone here can fully respect that then theres no hope in helping people to give up or even not start in the first place.

    My rant is almost over but i just wanted to add before i finish, with regards to the suggestion of banning it altogether, have you ever asked yourself what would the goverment do without all that money from taxes? What would children then bring themselves to do all to prove how “cool” they are to others?

    But despite all that I do agree something should be done to help smokers give up, I just think hasseling them won’t help.

    Anyway I’m sure your very intelligent any response will be appreciated as long as of course it is intelligent.

    Dream x

  18. IngSiangResponse

    Awesome layout. Great inspiration for my coming Breast Cancer Awareness Society poster project. =)

  19. daniel

    i get were you going at im 14 years old boy and everone around me, my friends smoke and ever one aroud me it really frustration

  20. Calvin

    I hate people like you, bloody anti-smokers. You set those darn rules making life harder for others. In fact, you belong to the same breed of people who likes to set rules upon others, like to control others. What makes you think you are so up there that you can try to control others!!! You can’t even accept others for their ways. You brag about all those things that is ‘so-called’ helpful to society and such, i believe you are so afraid of death that a little tint of danger is like hell to you. So what if cigarettes can kill you, anything in this world can kill you, if fear is upon everyone in this world so much, then you might as well don’t live anymore, because living in fear is worse than being dead.

  21. erika

    I really agree with u… I dont like smokers… I think that they should be informed of what implies smoking… and the risks of that. but what is really sad is when people know they are attempting against their lives and in spite of that they go on with that bad habit.

  22. jim russellResponse

    VOTE FOR RON PAUL!he’s an anti-smoker.google RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!

  23. Samuel

    could i use some of the statistics in this page for the school assembly presantation

  24. taylorResponse

    that is a great post. i stop smoking. this made me realise that there are a lot of people smoking. :shock: :lol:

  25. honey

    nice campaign ted…
    i’ve got lot information from this…
    i support u…. :cool:

  26. jason

    so you hate like 1/4 of the population of the planet, that is a lot of people to hate there ted

  27. Karl C

    Oh yay. A social facist.

  28. anjon

    Just from the very first January 2009 I left with my dirty habit ei smoking. I feel, I just newly born in this universe. Taking the breth, smell tastes of everything are very attractive. I am happy with my total environment now. I belive, will power is enough to control a habit.

  29. DeepakResponse

    Did you know that there are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke? These include formaldehyde (used to preserve dead bodies), ammonia (used in strong cleaning liquids) and cadmium (a highly poisonous metal used in batteries).

    And if that isn’t reason enough for you to quit smoking, there are more.

  30. hj.abdrahman ibrahim

    sebagai ex-smoker, saya simpati dgn yg masih merokok. Sy hisap 10 thn, bhenti 10 thun, hisap balik 7 thn kmudian stop hingga skrg, dah dkt 11 thn. Mmg susah nak quit, tapi boleh dilaksanakan. I stt many times, but quit many more times, dan skrg kkl tk mrokok. Mknanya, boleh bhenti. Lepaskan diri anda dpd penjara asap rokok dan nikotin. 3 tips pnting untuk bhnti: 1. Patuhi larangan agama, mrokok tu haram. 2. Ketahuilah hjayat nikotin dlm badan hanya 24 jam. Jika anda tahan x mrokok 24 jam, anda akan bhenti. elok lg, thn 3 hari -7 hari x sedut atau bau asapnya, InsyaAllah blh stop trus. Kena berjuanglah lawan ktagihan tu. Jauhkan diri dari kwn2/ bau asap. Dah bhnti, kkl tak mrokok, boleh berkawan balik dan nasihatkan mereka bhnti. 3. Takutkan kpd bahaya penyakit yg berat, tk boleh sembuh, mematikan dan mahal sangat kos rawatannya.
    Saya doakan anda berjaya berhenti, Kalau nak tau lebih lanjut tentang tip bhenti mrokok, hubungi saya di hp no. 019 2266484.

  31. hj.abdrahman ibrahimResponse

    I am an ex-smoker. I sympathise with those still smoking. Quitting is hard, but it is not impossible. It can be done, with willpower and sincere intention to stop. Tell yourself evry day, that one day I will stop smoking and be a free, healthy man. If not u will be forever jaild in the smoke and nicotine influence, waiting for imminent serious illnesses. U should not think those illnesses will not come to u. If u smoke, u will be one of the candidate to suffer them. Among them are: emphysema, lung cancer (and many other ca..pharynx, oesophagus, intestine, etc), gangrene and amputation of limbs, erectile dysfunction, impotence, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and many more. I have prepared a long list. I mention this serious, irreversible damage to health , just to create a feeling of fear, so that we appreciate the effort to stop smoking, which is better sooner than later. I smoke for 10 yrs, stop for 10 yr, then smoke again 7 yrs, ultimately stopped for 11 yrs now. I quit for good. I am 62 now, still enjoy a rather good health. U can benefit from quitting at ANY age. May be I stopped a bit late, for smoking has caused diabetes to me. Cigarette smoke is not sweet like sugar, it is bitter, but it can cause diabetes. I have an explanation on this. 3 tips to stop smoking:
    1. Know that it is haram (forbidden) in Islam.
    2. Know that nicotine has a short life (24 hrs) in your body. If u can abstain for 24 hrs from smoking, u have a chance to stop. Better still, stop for 3-7days. U will get rid of smoking and be a free man/woman, free from nicotine jail.
    3. Know that u may be inflicted with very serious illnesses, painful, hard to cure, expensive to cure and fatal. U must fear them Never think only other people will be inflicted, not u. If u buy a lottery ticket, u stand a chance to win, however remote. Similarly, if u smoke, u stand a chance to get sick, though not as remote as winning a lottery.
    Examples of serious illnesses [fatal] inflicting my firends, relative and neighbours:
    1. Empysema/carcinoma of oesophagus [2004] friend
    2. Cancer of pharynx [sound box] ca, 2003- uncle
    3. Heart attack [ca, 2002]-friend
    4. COPD (Chronic ObstructivePulmonary Disease). ca. 2005-neighbour
    5. Cancer of intestine [ca,2007] friend

    Still surviviving:
    1. Stone (in bladder) batu karang
    2. Diabetes, incldg myself
    3. Heart attack, (surgery at IJN, 2 1/2 vessels blocked)

  32. Mesothelioma AwarenessResponse

    Great post! It is good awareness campaign against smoking.

  33. Wes

    Currently quitting. Started smoking when I was 12. That was 28 years ago. Smoking never did me any good. I knew it, but wouldn’t listen and refused to see what it was doing to me and everything around me.

    Now I’m starting to listen to how very bad smoking is. My lungs are meant to distribute oxygen throughout the body, not thousands of toxic chemicals.

    And smoking near or around a non-smoker takes their choice away. It forces them to breathe smoke when they obviously decided they don’t want to. I’ve heard it compared to having a peeing section in a public pool.

    I won’t go on a self-righteous crusade against people who don’t want to quit. I just hope and pray that I quit. I don’t want cigarettes in my life anymore. It’s already easier for me to breathe.

  34. Wes

    I have not smoked since June 30th.

    Food tastes better. My clothes and bedding smell better. My apartment is cleaner. I feel better about myself for not being a slave to cigarettes.

    For those who’ve had enough, do whatever it takes to keep yourself from smoking.

    I drink lots of water and fruit & vegetable juice. The extra trips to the bathroom are worth it.

    I still have cravings, but I know they’re only temporary, and the only way I’ll ever smoke again is if I give in and agree that it’s ok.

  35. me

    i am unable to view the pictures??? why is this? is it because i have to read the disclaimer? if so how and where is the disclaimer?

  36. dinz...

    nice and beauty artwork…..almost my frens are smoker…. maybe you to i believe…hope this will wake up some frens to stop smoking or they will die….. heheh..

    ps – forgive me about my language…

  37. Sue Anne

    HI, i would like to share this with you…i’m a USM student, Penang, Malaysia.

  38. Thien

    Hi, i’m doing an article regarding teen smoking issue in Malaysia. I need more information about this, could you please provide me some infor likes the statistic?

    my email add is ikching59@yahoo.com

  39. JemmaResponse

    right now i am trying to stop smoking because i am afraid of the diseases that i might get if i continue to smoke. there is lung cancer and other bad stuffs you can get from smoking.

    1. Wes

      @ Jemma,
      Good for you! Smoking kills your lungs, which makes it hard to breathe. The sooner you quit, the better!


    Bonjour Monseur,

    I’m a lecturer in Physical and Health Education at Malaysian Teaching Institute (Raja Melewar Campus Seremban).

    I’m in progress writing research proposal to submit to University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur by August 2010, for my Philosophy Doctor Degree.

    My interest research topic is about Implementetion Strategics Planning For Smoking Prevention and Cessation Among Adolescent : Evidence-Based Tasks.

    It’s my big pleasure to keep in touch with you to share some point of view and information about smoking tobacco habit among adolescents.

    Please contact me via email zackaryzul@yahoo.co.uk or facebook by name Zackaryzul Alyahya.

    Thank you.

  41. CasResponse

    Nice campaign!

    I don’t hate smokers – they think smoking makes them look cool, helps them fit in with their group better, relieves stress etc.. That’s why they smoke. If anything, they’re misguided and should be felt sorry for :(

    And yes – I understand their smoking addiction can be a real pain i.e. when they’re polluting the air! I used to smoke and now can’t stand the smell of tobacco smoke!

  42. acupunctureResponse

    I almost never see smokers talk about support groups to stop smoking. Places like stop smoking forums could help you to stop with no alternatives whatsoever. Get a desire to smoke, simply make a post and get support. It helps! Just try it, you will be quite surprised how many people will try to help you stop smoking.

  43. james

    This is very interesting but may i ask what website you are citing your information from?


  44. Mohenet

    Thanks James :
    I hope to knoz what website you are citing your information from ?!?!

    thanks so much

  45. http://tinyurl.com/prodbeard45046Response

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    blog post. If solely there was more web blogs such as this specific one on
    the the net. Nonetheless, thanks a lot for your time,

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    Thanks a lot for taking some time to write “Stop Smoking!

    ”. Many thanks once again ,Barry

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    and I used to go to see this weblog daily.

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