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Stop Smoking!

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Stop Smoking

This is MY anti-smoking campaign. And this also means that, I hate smokers. As long as you smoke, you've done much harm to the society by not only jeopadising our livelihood and health, but also helping the expand one of the world's most murderous industry – the tobacco industry. My mom says I'm a little too extreme about the whole smoking thing, but I think the act of smoking brings so much harm to the society that we have to stop people from smoking.

Please, spare me the rhetorics about personal rights of smokers. Some smokers openly claim that they have the right to smoke. But hello? Have you people thought of others? Studies shows that second-hand smoke are toxic than your first-hand smoke. You are already depriving others from personal rights of enjoying a clean atmosphere and a healthy environment to live in as you smoke, and so your stand against the smoking ban just ain't valid.

This makes me like Singapore. The government totally banned smoking in public areas, sparing the non-smoking members of public from hazardous second-hand smoke. Smoking is even banned in bus stops, pubs, restaurants, hawker centres and etc, which is definitely good news to smokers.

I hate smokers. They harm the public's health to such a great extent, and when people (like me, sometimes) kindly ask them to stop smoking because they're irritating us (anyway they are smoking illegally in public already, and it is knid enough for us not to dail 999), they give us this freakingly disgusting face, shouting at us, citing the so common "I have my right to smoke!!!". Oh please. Don't tell me that smoking also shrinks your IQ from a well 3 digit to a single miserable digit. You guys are really pathetic. You are enjoying yourselves from that dumb nicotine addiction and you're putting other people's heatlh at risk. You're inhuman, so as to say.

Why should we ban smoking (at least in public areas in Singapore)? Here are some really sobering statistics.


Stop Smoking - Sobering Global Statistics

Here are more of the global smoking-related statistics:

  • 12 times more British people have died from smoking than from World War II.
  • For every 5 American deaths, more than 1 is caused by smoking.
  • Among WHO Regions, the Western Pacific Region – which covers East Asia and the Pacific – has the highest smoking rate, with nearly two-thirds of men smoking.
  • For every 3 cigarettes manufactured, 1 of them is consumed in the Western Pacific Region.



Stop Smoking - Youth Smoking

Here are more statistics:

  • Among young teens (aged 13 to 15), about one in five smokes worldwide.
  • Peer-reviewed studies show teenagers are heavily influenced by tobacco advertising.


3. Health Risks of Smoking

Stop Smoking - Health Risks

Here are more of the health risks associated with smoking:

  • One British survey found that nearly 99% of women did not know of the link between smoking and cervical cancer.
  • One survey found that 60% of Chinese adults did not know that smoking can cause lung cancer while 96% were unaware it can cause heart disease.
  • Smoking-related diseases cost the United States more than $150 billion a year.
  • 50% of all psychiatric outpatients smoke.
  • 70% of manic-depressive patients smoke.
  • 90% of schizophrenic patients smoke.
  • 90% of alcoholics smoke.



Stop Smoking - Smoking In Malaysia

Here are more smoking statistics from Malaysia:

  • Every day about 50 teenagers below the age of 18 start smoking.
  • Smoking is estimated to have caused more than half a million coronary events.
  • Smoking rates are highest in rural Kelantan and lowest in urban Penang and Sarawak.
  • Malaysia has been dubbed the "indirect advertising capital" of the world. Some of the tobacco industry's most blatant efforts to target young people can be seen here.
  • At least two tobacco companies were among the top 10 advertisers in recent years.

My advice: Smoking is a highly dangerous activity. You are not only putting your own health and future in danger, but you are also harming your loved ones. They breathe in your secondhand smokemore than anyone do. Think, before you satisfy your daily craving of nicotine.

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