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World Of Chinese Books Fair

The title doesn't sound gramatically correct but that's the english translation of the bookfair from the booklet I got there.

This Chinese bookfair is held at Mines Wonderland from the 17th to 26th of November (that makes today the second last day!) Since my parents went down to Singapore to fetch my brother and I'm alone at home, my aunt took me to the bookfair to waste some time. ;) In fact I didn't expect it to be held in such a large scale!!! Look at the panorama below and you'll get what I mean. You can click on it the view the original version (you should do so since this is the cropped version).


I spotted this stall selling my childhood favourite comic called Doraemon! :mrgreen:


While I went around hunting for National Geographic magazines (since we can freely browse the books / magazines displayed), this salesman approached me at the stall… he was interactive and fun but what he doesn't know as that he was disturbing my reading. He suggested that I subsribe to… basically all the magazines they are selling. LOL. Anyway I got his name card, which scared the hell out of me (only my schoolmates will get it) – he got the same name as one of my school's student!!!


My aunt went to this comic stall, bought a book and asked the author to draw her a comic. Haha… very cute :razz:


And before we went home she treated me lunch at a restaurant that sells the famous paper-wrapped chicken :p it sells chicken that are wrapped in paper… and it smells so nice!

Paper-wrapped Chicken

Have a nice day everyone! :mrgreen: 

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