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Wedding – Part II

In fact I do not have a lot of photos for this post since… I was too tired already ;) in other words, I slacked. Whack me if you want to… sorries!

So after all that chaos in the morning we went home to get some rest (while I post the first part), and then we departed for Renaissance Hotel in downtown KL to attend the formal dinner. Here is a panoramic image of the grand entrance of the hotel, viewed from the entrace of grand ballroom where the dinner was held. Click image to view the original panorama.

Grand Entrance

Before the dinner started I went to the restroom. WHAT THE HELL the restroom looked so classy :o!!!

High Class

And I took this really random shot (yes sorry but this is another dose of randomness from me ;)) of an orchid in the restroom!


We entered the grand ballroom at 7pm. Wow there were 43 tables (each sitting 10 person) inside… and according to my aunt it costs about RM$1000 for each table. OMG. And the interior looked so glamourous! A photo of the ceiling light decoration will tell you everything about those glamour.



And what makes me love this dinner is that it is environmentally friendly! They do not serve sharkfins… which means saving lots of sharks from being slaughtered just for their fins! If this continues we might be able to delay the collapse of marine ecosystem.

Nice One!

In case you can't see properly, here is what this notice says:

We Don't Serve Shark Fins On Our Wedding!
We would rather dive with it than eat it!
When the buying stops, killing stops too!

And here are some photos of the couple :mrgreen:

My Wife Is...

Oh and look at the super heavy duty wedding cake! :razz: 

The Stage

Another random shot of the candles floating among a sea of rose petals! Super romantic!


Since Renaissance Hotel is located in downtown KL so you can expect to see the world's tallest twin towers – Petronas Twin Tower, a.k.a. KLCC!


Hope they live… happily ever after! And this concludes the wedding series! To read the first part, CLICK ME! You can view selected photos over at my flickr account. Oh, and I’ve assigned sets to them (thanks a lot Qureyoon for the suggestion :D), so this makes browsing easier.

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