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Wedding -Part I

Aunt Tang finally found her other half today :mrgreen: So before I start my post I would like to congratulate her and her spouse, and hope that they live… happily ever after.

We will start from the night before Aunt Tang's wedding. It was a busy night. Grandma and grandpa came down from Penang to witness the ceremony and my whole family went over to help with the decoration and stuff like that. I helped the "aunty gang" to make pinky glutinous riceballs which are belived to bring good luck and etc. ;)

Glutinous Rice Balls

In Chinese culture, the female family members of the bride will participate in an event named "fool-the-bridegroom" or something ;) They just fool the poor bridegroom until they're satisfied then they'll let him to meet his bridge! And so my aunt's cousin sister came up with this wicked trick – put WASABI in some glutinous rice balls and make the bridegroom eat it :twisted:


Oh, and we also helped to put up this little photo gallery of our to-be-wed aunt. Photos of the younger her are placed in frames that sit on the table top sprinked with rose petals and decorated with candles and plants. WOW.



And now it is TODAY. We arrived at aunt's house at 7.30am :D

Wedding Morning

All Set

I stumbled upon this cute little dog plushie placed on my aunt's computer keyboard… 

Tech Dog

And then we started to decorate the living room by using helium balloons! I do no wish to elaborate on the chemistry behind it but basically it floats so it'll stick to the ceiling… hence creating a wonderful and romantic sight!


Suddenly the entire house became super noisy!!! The bridegroom arrived! No wonder~ :razz:

The Groom

The Groom

We proceeded to the tea ceremony. A very complicated process but basically it means… drink tea :D

Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony

And they took a group photo after the ceremony. CHEEEEEEESE!!!



So Sweet!

At about 11.30pm we moved on to the newly-weds new house! They bought this cute little water sculpture and placed them right in front of their home… how cute!


And here is a closeup shot!


I spotted this cute little water lily in their pond!


A random shot outside their new home ;)

The Sky

And here's the final photo I've taken before we left… very sweet!


Wish them a happy marriage! And hope they live happily every after! :razz:

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow, and you can download the nicer photos over at my flickr showcase . I have not assigned sets to them yet (sorries!), so just bear with it… sets will be done shortly. 

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