Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Piecing Things Together

Actually I was tempted to make the post title "Really Really Random Ramblings" but I think it is redundant :D So I thought of another title… hope it sounds attractive enough to get you reading :razz:

Anyway, sorry for all the ramblings these days, but when I came back to Malaysia I found so many things to be taken care of… and I once sweared that I will pay attention to small things in life since they can mean a lot to me but this is becoming a total disaster. Hope I can iron out the wrinkles soon :)

Piece #1 – Sorry!

I've just realised today morning that I have not linked some of my web buddies. I am so sorry about that and I've blogrolled / linked / "a href"ed (the HTMl geek term)  your blogs accordingly. My brain is really slow… now then I realised I've missed out splashmilk's and jen's blog in the blog review thing a few posts down. So remember to check the post out before it gets archived and pushed off the page! Sorry to you both!

Piece #2 – Photos *yahoo!!!!*

Actually these photos are taken a few days ago, and they are really random ones. So just bear with the randomness :mrgreen:  But before we proceed let me give you a taste of my shameless self-promotion:

That's Me!

A photo of myself in the TOILET MIRROR! (Roflmao)

Sorry for the horribly large ego ;) Now let's move on. 




Piece #3 – teddY Goes flickr!

FlickrI've registered for a flickr account! Woot :cool:

I feel so good since I can share images… beyong blog boundaries! If you have some free time with you, why not try to visit my photostream over at flickr? You can even see my flickr badge in the sidebar too!

Anyway, but flickr username is teddY-riseD (since the username teddY is taken… awww). So if you join flickr remember to add me as your contact (or just tell me and I'll add you :D). 

Piece #4 – Mail Me!

So don't find anything wrong revealing my email address (which in turn reveals my true name… *uhoh*) :D

Gmail – terrymunweihao[at]gmail.com
Hotmail – terrymunweihao[at]hotmail.com
Yahoo! – terrymunweihao[at]yahoo.com

Lol they're almost the same. For MSN, add the Hotmail account! If you want to send me normal messages, send to the Gmail account. The Yahoo account was my first email account (wow! :o) and now I use it for my flickr!

Piece #5 – Funky Code!

I've implemented this very cool funky code in my blog! But it needs to be further refined. Now it is my Alpha version ;) NOTE: Please click the "Click Me!" only when the page is completely loaded as only by then the script will be fully loaded and the collapsible effect will take place.

Click Me!

This is for HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT codes...
You can actually hide them!

Have a nice day everyone! 

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