Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Really Random Ramblings

Sorry for… rambling, again. ;) But this post isn't as boring as you thought of! :mrgreen

Really Random Ramblings #1 – teddY-risatioN™ Is Back!

I've just upgraded my web hosting account! ;) Actually I wanted to upgrade it eons ago but I can't find the time (and the suitable and FAST internet connection) to do so. I finally mustered the courage to upgrade… since a tiny little error would destory my database and online contents (yes I know backups are possible but imagine uploading 480+mb of files?).

Anyway, thank you Qureyoon for your concern! ;) 

Now, my new hosting plan gives me 10gb of storage space (and I'm using 500+mb out of 10gb) and 30gb of bandwidth!!! Woot! :razz: Special thanks to Eternal Solutions for providing very good web hosting service and efficient technical support (since I'm so blur I tend to screw things up so they really did help me a lot!).

Really Random Ramblings #2 – 0.999…

Do you know that 0.999… = 1? Sounds extremely unbelievable right? When I read about this I can't believe my eyes since the numerical values are completely distinct from one another! But here is the logic behind the puzzling fact.

Do you know that 1/3 = 0.333…?

So if I multiply both sides by 3, I will get 1/3 X 3 = 0.333… X 3.

And this will give us  1 = 0.999…. :o What the hell?!


If you remain unconvinced or sceptical about this you can surely read this up in Wikipedia :D 

Really Random Ramblings #3 - Surprise!!!

I do not know whether is it okay to reveal it here but after thinking through it, I think it is okay ;)

My aunt and uncle from Penang gave my family a surprise visit today afternoon! My aunt said that both of them went to Genting Highlands a few days ago, stayed there for 3 days and then decided to pay us a visit before returning to Penang. Anyways, their trip to Genting Highland is already a very surprising thing :razz:

Smashp0p gave me a surprise call today when I was chatting with my aunt in the living room. He asked for Terry. And I was super puzzled because, firstly, I've never heard this voice before and secondly, the caller knows my name!!! Luckily he immediately identified himself or not my head will be flooded with millions of "?".

Really Random Ramblings #4 – Time For Introduction!!!

I feel guilty for not doing this for a long time. And now it is the time :D I am introducing my webfriends who really gave me lots of support to keep this blog going! They are… (in alphabetical order)

*Note: Images of individual bloggers are cropped from images which rights are completely theirs (since those are THEIR photos)! So do not copy and paste (plagiarise), do not vandalise the photos… and to my webfriends – if you do not like the photo, email me the one you want everyone to see at terrymunweihao[at]gmail.com. Do tell me if you want your photos taken down :D


Blog: So Now You Know…!

Benghan works in the service industry and he runs on-ground events! So do remember to check out his blog for all the cool photos he've taken during the events! Oh, and "So now you know…" is his favourite tagline! 


Blog: Natural :: Fly Away

Denise is my webfriend from America :cool: I don't know how we met, but it is surely a purely coincidental one (unless you insist that we googled each other's names out of the blue). Denise is currently studying in Michigan Technological University and she wants to become an environmental engineer… so do give her your best wishes! She also have 2 cats, named Holly and Pookie… she loves running too! 


Blog: Iwan Sanchez

Iwan is from Singapore… the country where I attended secondary school and college. And wow, he has a long section of "About Me" in his sidebar. Here is just the brief summary about him: Iwan is a friendly and down-to-earth person. He is free spirited, caring, loving person with a simple dream. He respects and values things around him. Awesome personality I can see!

Jack | SQJack | SQ

Blog: One Square Hill  

Jack is a strong believer in Christianity… and also a great photographer! He covers things that are small in life, and not to forget random photos he've taken! A very good blog to visit if you want to check out a typical life of a teenager! Remember to browse through all his photos… and you'll get lotsof insights! Anyway, he has a unique nickname too!!! 


Blog: Jen Nih Surf

Jen is from Malaysia, and she loves blogging. And surfing. And shopping. And watching TV series. And telling lame jokes. And… yep, she’s smashp0p’s (see below) friend. She has a car, and she loves taking photos and her photos being taken (see Rames and Smashp0p’s blog for the photos!) :mrgreen: And most importantly she looks like one of my school’s teacher… O.o. Wow. So what are you waiting for? Go check out her blog now!


Blog: Jiyuan's Weblog

Jiyuan is a lively and out-going teenager living in Penang, Malaysia. Currently studying secondary school, and at the time I'm typing this post he's going to sit for his SPM paper (a national paper for Malaysian secondary school year 3 students). So wish him good luck! He has lots of photos in his blog waiting to entertain you, ranging from random daily life photos to serious photography. So do check it out! 


Blog: 萤火虫 (a.k.a. Firefly)

Karen is a Chinese-oriented blogger herself, but she can also speak in English too! So fret not if your computer can't type Chinese characters (or you're too lazy to do so)… just drop her a comment and she'll be glad about it to hear from you. She is from Sabah, Malaysia, and a very lively person. You can see how she records her daily life detailed and yet not boringly on her blog… preferably if you can read Chinese. But those who can't, don't worry you can always use Babelfish by Altavista to translate her blog. 


Blog: Secr3t Tree  

KL is another photoblogger (author of a photoblog ;))… his photos are surely entertaining and fun, but the most remarkable thing is that he has remarkably well skills in a remarkable programme released by Adobe called Adobe Photoshop! I simply like the photo titles plastered on his photos in a unique way… I spend little effort on this kinda stuff! So I gotta make him my photoshop guru! 


Blog: Sha Niu's Story

Melissa is a lively teenager who is currently studying in a secondary school located at Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur! I am jealous she can enjoy the majestic view of KL tower from her school everyday. Hmph. Anyway, she basically blogs about her daily life, filled with lots of humour (and *giggles* sarcasm), and dotted with photos! And let me tell you… she is Michelle's sister!!! Wow.


Blog: Momo4ever, MDesigns & Knitty-Bitty

Michelle… yes. She's the Michelle who is Melissa's (see above) elder sister. So cool… sister bloggers! She is a part-time web designer (correct me if I'm wrong), so before you moveon do recommend some friends to visit her web design page! She specialises the blog design and she helped me with my Tatty Bear template a lot… for free (but not for others, hehe)… she is a really very helpful person. She is currently residing in Perth, has 2 very cute dogs named Momo and Coco (they're really cute!!!) and she likes knitting too!!! Check out her other half in her blog (very personal stuff so I leave to her to tell you in her blog!). 


Blog: Nicholas C's Blah and Blog

Nicholas is a secondary student living in Penang, Malaysia, and studies in the same school as Jiyuan (see above). His brother studies in the same college as me in Singapore (OMG the world is SO SMALL). He is a tech-savvy teenager equipped with his PSP (wow!)… he is passionate in photography and so you must go check out his random photos published in his blog! 


Blog: The Pink Frog  

He operates a photoblog, filled with lots of photo! A professional photographer (judges from his photos)… his photos are unique, classy and yet artistic! Woah! He also adores marco shots, shooting (not using a gun but a camera, duh) wildlife, plants and etc… which is an added bonus to the "10000 reasons to read The Pink Frog". So what are you waiting for? Go check it out now!


Blog: Zlythern

Qureyoon is from Indonesia, and he is a programmer (wow!). He is profesisonalat HTML, css, javascript and… I don't know but you can ask him! His blog is like a big big user-friendly HTML, css and javascript library, where you can find lots of interesting uses of these stuff for example his rainbow text (search his blog and you'll find it). He also frequently recommends funky internet services and websites which can help to spice up your own blog too! 


Blog: Rames Studios  

Rames is… a handsome person (that's what I think, but fret not everyone is handsome and beautiful in my eyes! :mrgreen:). He loves photography too, and he works in Astro, just like smashp0p (see below). They are colleages, and they also hang out with Jen and other people. He possesses good photoshop skills… wow! So I've found another photoshop guru… *rejoice!!!* 


Blog: Sweet Embrace

Note: Rei would you like to have your photo here? You can send it to me at terrymunweihao[at]gmail.com.

Rei and I met through this blog exchange site called BlogExplosion… but surprisingly both of us have abandoned it since we've make a couple of webfriends (acutally is "a lot of"!). She is a September Baby, hates smokers (just like me), hates spiders (especially black widow!) and she is extremely good in web designing! She is also an expert in cross-stitching too! So do remember to check out her blog!


Blog: Smashp0p

p0p is… an avid photographer. He works for Astro in Malaysia, same as Rames (see above). He takes lots of photos (which are very eye-pleasing and worth-a-see) and so his blog is somewhat a photoblog! If you are hungry, take a look at his yummy food shots since they look so real! And he loves jumping too… so be sure to check out his Jump shots! He frequently hangs out with his good friends like Ivan, Calvin, Jen, Rames and etc. (just to name a few). But he rarely do meme and tags since he have lots of photos to flood his blog :D no space. FYI: He's a mapler too! In case you didn't notice he relates his blog templates to things that appear in the game Maple Story, e.g. lupin!


Blog: Splashmilk

Splashmilk is from Malaysia, a good pal of smashp0p (see above) and his other friends! He blogs about daily life, posts are further enriched with photos about his daily life and random things around him. At the time of typing this (17th Nov) it is his birthday (or a day earlier), so do remember to spam him birthday greetings! :D In fact his photography skills are pretty awesome! It’s not just me saying… you can vouch for this if you CLICK HERE (leads to his post… with awesome photos!!!). And do not forget to check out the rest of this blog!


Blog: Steph's Blog

Note: Steph would you like to have your photo here? You can send it to me at terrymunweihao[at]gmail.com.

Steph is from Singapore too, just like Iwan (see above). He lives in Jurong East. He is currentlyserving National Service, and he plans to take up Material Engineering in National Technological University in the future after he completes his National Service. So wish him good luck in his future endeavours in Material Engineering! Anyway, Steph blogs about almost everything happening around him, and he even gives visitors a post selected weekly (see Weekly Wick), which is quite a fresh idea. So do check his blog out!


Blog: Tony's Jigsaw Puzzle  

A blogger, equipped with his large scope of knowledge and photography skills! So besides staring at his photos you can also read his posts which are veyr insightful! And do remember to leave a comment or something since he'll be glad to hear from you too! He is currently studying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and frequently hangs out with his good friends… which gives him enough reason to post beautiful photos! So be sure to go check his blog out now!

Really Random Ramblings #5 – End Note…

Phew… all done! Took me a whole 5 hours! But I think it is worth it to do this kind of stuff for them since they really deserve more from what they're getting from me now :D

Have a nice day everyone! 

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