Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

What’s Up?

What's up in teddY-risatioN™? Guess you have not seen any changes… but there are changes acutally! Subtle ones though :mrgreen: but I spent a great deal of time on it so… better say something good :twisted:

Change #1: Blockquote Styling

I've edited the overall appearance of the text and the entire HTML element itself for <blockquote>. Yep ;) Here is the revised edition. I've included some really tricky javascript and css styling (of course adapted from other online sources), which took me a wholly 5 hours!!!

See? We have this cute little open quote on the top left hand corner, dark background to make the white text more readable. Sorry if the curves on the sides take a little more time to load (normally they load after the entire page is loaded).

Anyway, I've noticed this bug. I'm using PNG-24 as the image extension for the background. But it seems to be a problem displaying it correctly in internet explorer. Will try to fix it tomorrow. 

[EDIT] @ 12.30am: Fixed the dammmmmm bug by converting to JPEG file. That means I'll loose the transparency of the image. So next time if I want to change the background of this <blockquote> thing I'll have to edit the image as well. Hmph.

[EDIT 2] @ 8.03am: Now I know why my IE doesn't show PNG transparency correctly. From wikipedia , "The fact that Internet Explorer 4.0-6.0 did not support alpha-channel transparency has led some people to erroneously believe that Internet Explorer does not support transparency at all. However PNGs can be given a single transparent background color, which works on IE, and is equivalent to the transparency available with GIF images." Urgh. Looks like it's time to download IE 7.0 :D

Tell me if the dark background looks awefully ugly. You can suggest changes in the background colour by simply telling me the hex colour code (i.e. #******, where * are either numbers or alphabets). But I would rather stick to dark backgrounds so that the white text could be seen :D Sorry for HTML and CSS newbies for not fully explaning the hex colour code. Any suggestions? Esp Rames and p0p since they're professionals.

Change #2: Post Header & Title

Changes made a few months back and I finalised the entire header today. Well, let's see. We have this cute little calendar tear out on the left hand side, then on the right hand side we have the post title followed me details. Noticed that the details include – the category which the post is filed in, the number of views (since 09/11/2006) and the number of comments (and you can click on it to take you to the comment page too!).

Change #3: CSS Reformatted

I've reformatted the entire CSS file so that it doesn't look awefully cluttered. Below is the screenshot (since I believe a picture tells a thousand words) :razz: Click it to view full image.

CSS Reformtatted

If you have any suggestions to make on the current template please pour them out :D don't keep them to yourself. Thanks! 

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