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This person pissed me off lately. Read the disclaimer first. And if you're the person who did that to me sue me if you want to. See you in court!

Privacy Matters

If you guessed correctly it is MR CROOKED again.

Yes, it is Mr Crooked again. In case you didn't know how crooked can Mr Crooked be, here is a recommended read (directs you to an archived post in my blog).

I've read about this newspaper article today . A Springfield Secondary School teacher scolds her students "stupid" and "suay (means bad luck in Hokkien)". Her 14-year-old students complaint and she was sent for counselling. This is just a very small matter compared to what the crime Mr Crooked has committed over the course of an entire year. I am deliberately spilling the beans because he just offended me over and over again.

Guess what. Mr Crooked practises extreme favouritism in front of students he don't like (e.g. ME). And almost everyone knows he is this kind of person. I feel like splashing his big name across my blog and lodge complaints like what the secondary school students did (and his act is much more offensive than what the teacher did). What the hell is he thinking? He isn't doing what a teacher should do!

One of the thing that Mr Crooked did that annoyed me the most happened a few days ago. The school emailed my results to him. He walked into my room and passed me the envelope. I said thank you and he said YOU DO NOT NEED TO SAY THANK YOU TO ME. IT IS TELLING ME WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING ALL THE TIME. Like what? DUMB. And I worked so hard for promotional exams okay. Not like you, going around practising your freakingly stupid favouritism in front of people you do not like. You shouted so loud at me my friend asked me why did you talk to me so loudly. Now then I know you treated me differently from others. You treated me worse off than other people.

On what kind of basis do you discriminate me upon? Oh, and yeah. A few months back when a couple of people are at the television area you took out a box of chocolate and gave everyone one piece except of me in front of them.

If you're reading this, GREAT. Now then you know what sins have you committed. And according to my friends I'm not the only target of your dumb favouritism. You also discriminate against another person living on the same floor. I pity him…

I hated you. And I never respected you deep within my heart. I always put up a friendly front and then you take it for granted. Mom says that I should always respect you no matter what you did but what for?! Didn't you know the golden rule of all times? Respect others if you want others to respect you. It doesn't translate into IF I HAVE MORE POWER THAN YOU I CAN PRACTISME MY DUMB FAVOURITISM.


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