Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

My School In My Eyes…

First of all,


Photos are taken after a heavy rain on Friday. I took about 100+ of them but I've chosen only a few really good ones (to me ;)). Yeah. So here we go!


Image rotated 180 degrees. That's why it looked weird but artistic :D since I want to let you see the reflection directly.

Little Cloud above Clock Tower

Little Cloud above Clock Tower

Both images depict a small little cloud, by coincidence, hovering above (in my perspective) the clock tower. Lovely isn't it?

Big Blue Sky

After a heavy rain, the sky looks exceptionally blue! :razz:

After Rain

Water droplets hanging on the leaves and petals after a rain.

Hope you like 'em :razz:

And here are the replies to your tagggggggies!

Nicholas: (Since you posted 2 consecutive tags so you don't mine I reply both of them in one message :D) Thanks! Glad to know that you liked them! And yeah, we complain how holiday is boring when exams are over, and yet flashbacks reminds me how desperate I was waiting for it to come before the exams. I was like "sh*t I wished I need not study for tomorrow's Bio paper and directly hop into holiday mood (since Bio was my last paper)". Haha~ A typical student's dilemma.

Jack|SQ: Thanks for your compliment! Anyway schools in Singapore are all very beautifully landscaped since we pay a lot of attention on the environment ;) and I'm in JC now.

vz: Oh yeah. Forgot. Sorries! I was wondering "who the hells is this". Thanks for the clarification. Gee.

Pinkfrog: Thank you soooo much! My school looks familiar to you? Have you been to Singapore before? If yes then most probably you've seen it. For the 3rd panorama. Yeah you're correct the perspective is super weird and distorted because I am such a greedy person to feed 7 photos to the Autostitch and force it to stitch them into one whole lump. And yeah quite hard to correct the perspective unless I am very professional in photoshop.

Rames: Thank you Mr Hensome! Haha! :D My school is very big indeed. 27 hectares? 27 acres? I don't know. What I know is that we've the biggest secondary school / JC campus in Singapore.

smashp0p: Yeah. 11.11. Want to try your luck on 4D (1111)? Maybe it'll give a good windfall or something. Haha. But will sure inform you :razz: no worries.

LT: Thanks for telling me! At least it cleared up some doubts.

Vz: Wow. Thanks. Anyway I'm not that stupid (yeah I know it is just a casual remark in a jokingly way).


P.S. Since a few people searched the theme song Keep Holding U of the movie The Sinking of Japan, here is the link to the song (.mp3 format): The Sinking of Japan Theme Song – Keep Holding U

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