Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Panorama Mania

I am obviously being obsessed with creating panaromic images. Anyway, panaromic images here are created by taking a couple of photos and then stiching them using a software. If you're looking for such a software, I recommend you Autostitch ;) Others either require you to pay or with free trial which generate panoramic images with their company watermakrs plopped all over the photo.

If you want to see my replies to your tags, scroll down till the end. But I still recommend you to see the pictures first since you'll get so smitten after reading my replies you'll forget about viewing them :) 

Here are some panoramic  images from my school :mrgreen: To view the large verisons please click on the images themselves :razz:

School Panorama

School Panorama

School Panorama

School Panorama

School Panorama

Hope you like them! Tomorrow more photos of my school will me showcased… so do stay tuned, folks! 

And now here are your replies to your taggies! :D

jamie: You don't fancy Korean actors? Awww my class girls are totally crazy over them. But some of them think Bae Yong Joon is ok only. Hmm. Hope I don't get killed by Yong Joon's fanclub after reading this!

Rames: Omigosh I didn't realise I can earn US$0.01 just by saying "RAMES YOU'RE GOD DAMN HENSOME!!!". Haha!  Thanks for the donation though.

KL: Haha! When girl power kicks into action we guys can only wait and die! Example: see what happens to me when mom gets angry. LOL.

Nicholas: Wah The Sinking of Japan is screening in Malaysia only in Dec? Maybe they need some time to add Malay subtitles. Aih. But you must catch that movie! Although newspaper reports and reviews say that it is a big flop, I like all the special effects which we rarely see in Japanese movies!

smashp0p: Hihi p0p! Nice to see you. Looks like you have an aching finger after taking so much photos since you can only type that much. Haha! Nevermind.

vz: Who are you? Thanks for dropping by anyway. A mysterious visitor. And you know my real name! Hmmmmmm…

Rames: Thanks for linking Mr Hensome! Haha. Will I get another US$0.01?

Benghan: Okay this update is for you Benghan! Haha! Thanks for waking me up from being a zombie since life got so much boring when school is over.

jamie: I agree! I second that since I'm literally rotting now although I have lots of holiday assignments to do (I will do them… the day before school reopens! hehe).

Rames: Wow another US$0.01? Thanks a lot Rames Mr Hensome. Since I've said another time up there will you gimme another US$0.01? Thanks and love you lots!!! Muacks.

LogicYuan: Hmmm I agree! I was so sad after my Secondary 4 days were over. But since we're in some Integrated Programme we got no graduation thing! Grrr. But yeah do cherish your time in school… like me. After next year I'll either be going to university or getting some job :D

KL: NONONO I don't want riot since I've posted an update. World peace is important! Haha. A typical punchline of Miss Universe… "We need peace" or something. Wakaka :mrgreen:

smashp0p: Hihi again! Well I'll be coming back to NEGARAKU maybe on… 11th Nov? Why? You want to belanja me eat some expensive stuff ah? I'll be delighted to accpet your offer!

Qureyoon: Aloha!!! Thanks a lot for your wishes. You too!!!

Phew! Finally got everything done.

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