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Scream Night

Yestesday night was fun! :mrgreen: But I was like 120% freaked out. Haha peoplesay I got small guts which turned out pretty true! Witnesses are Sohpia, Yong and Val… ;) if you want to know what really happened during the trial feel free to ask them for embarrasing details about ME. Haha.

Maybe I shall reveal most of the embarrassing details here :razz: We watched Shutter and Ju-On while waiting for our turn to enter the Haunted Trail. Well, I kept screaming when the ghosts appeared on the screen for both movies. Haha. I pity those people sitting around me because my screams nearly made them deaf. Sorries.

For the Haunted Trail. I am the only one who scream at everything (even if they ain't really spooky afterall) I saw along the way. Gah. And at some stations the ghosts kept pulling my legs. Scary!!! And sorry to Valerie because I was so freaked out I am no gentleman for letting her go first. I struggled to prevent myself being the last person in the 4-people group as I am scared of ghosts that will literally backstab us from the back. Sorry Val!!!

Oh, and someone really pissed me off. I don't wish to say who that person is (but rest assured that person is not with me in the Haunted Trail but in another event). I shall do the word vomit about that person tomorrow when I have time to chill and not to get too emotional in my post.

Basically I am freaked out by Scream Night and now I do not dare to stay in the toilet for long. :D 

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