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My Saturday

Actually I wanted to have another more interesting title but I can't think of a good one ;) So we'll have to stick wit this not-so-interesting title. What I did today is basically went Orchard Cineleisure to watch a movie, eat sushi (again! haha) and take more photos.

Anyway, I met quite a lot of people today… when I was taking 67 to Newton MRT I met Claire. She was also heading for MRT since she was going home from school. Then I met this girl from the same faculty as me in the Cineleisure arcade, forgot her name (whoops:!:) Then I met Ruiyang and his friends outside the cinema when my movie was over… what a coincidence. Okay, I'll give you a detailed story about what happened today… mostly in picutres :mrgreen:

I started off my outing at Orchard MRT… I walked towards Orchard Cineleisure since I'll have to drop by Ngee Ann City for a while to buy ice cream from Venezia. Slurp their ice cream is top notch let me tell you :D 


The busy pedestrian mall at Orchard Road.

The Sun

The sun looks nice today! Love the clouds at the top of the photo.

City Fountain

The fountain outside Ngee Ann City with the backdrop as the Wisma Atria Tower.


Tube!!! Haha this building looks very weird cool :cool:!


The signpost at an intersection… backdrop is The Heren.

I spotted this group of 3 artist acting like silver statues at the pedestrian plaza. Cool! I dropped S$1 into the donation box ;) They must be very tired… just imagine sitting in the same posture for a very long time. Woah that would have killed my patience and my spinal cord!

Living Statues

Static. Don't they feel tired, thirsty and have the urge to… go to the toilet?

Living Statues

Statis statues. A nice side-view of the 3 artists.

After some walking I arrived at Orchard Cineleisure. What really amazes about this complex is how the architect blends the escalators into the spaces within the building. They do not follow the conventional method, instead they are placed at different angles to each other giving a layered effect :)


I swear I did not photoshop this. It is taken right angle, directly above it.


The same view taken at a different angle. A prove to my statement above :D

And I arrived at the ticketing area. Argh the movies that are  in my option are screening at 4+pm so I decided to buy a ticket and have a nice meal at Suki Sushi again :razz: I only eat their buffet since I am a fan of sashimi and they can cost a lot if eaten in huge amounts ;)

Sashimi (again)

I really do love Sashimi! They are simply wonderful.

After eating I found myself stuck in decision making. I wanted to watch Deathnote and The Sinking of Japan. Well, since I've the biggest fan of disaster movies you can ever find on earth (or not at least in Singapore), I chose the latter.


I gave up the chance to watch Deathnote…

The Sinking Of Japan

… because I wanted to watch The Sinking of Japan!

The Sinking of Japan is a really nice movie and I strongly recommend you all to watch it! :D The tsunami, eathquake and volcano effects are pretty awesome and eye-catching! And there is this very nice storyline embedded in the movie… it is another wonderful disaster movie.

I've truly enjoyed myself today. How's your Saturday? :mrgreen: 

And here are the replies everyone is waiting for ;)

William: Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and tagging. Hope to see you around…

Splashmilk: Oh so you've watched it! Haha I enjoted watching it over and over again and it never fails to make me fall to the floor laughing… and having muscle spasms.

Tonyyy: Oh this programme is broadcasted in Malaysia? Wah so nice in Singapore we don't have probably because the government doesn't what us to speak 草枝摆, 老迹埋 and 赶羚羊 :D

Smashp0p: But I really very ugly lah if you see my photo you sure cannot eat… at least for the next 5 days.

Pinkfrog: Hey I remember you! You are the guy who went out with smashp0p to the zoo ;) nah I am not rich since I live in a boarding school built in Bukit Timah… not a bungalow or something. Haha. Oh and I'm returning to Malaysia in Nov and coming back to Singapore in Dec.

Nicholas: Haha you watched it! Anyway you go swimming? How healthy. I want to swim but I don't like the way how chlorine dries my skin (but I'm not metrosexual). Haha :D

Jack|SQ: Thank you for your compliment! And school is almost over… but I must admit post-promotional-examination schooling days are fun!

Karen Q: Hey Karen nice to see you again! How are you doing? Well, I'm fine of course :) no need to worry about me haha. Thanks anyway!

LogicYuan: Hihi Jiyuan!!! Yeah every episode they use the same words… but the way they sing it is different. Maybe I suck at holding back my laughter so the videos never fail to make me ROFLMAO :lol:

KL: What is looooong? Ahem I hope you're not referring to you-know-what. haha. Turbodrop – I've went on it 5 times in a day! I love the feeling of being weightless and the feeling of freefall… as if your hearting is stuck at your throat.

Melissa: Hihi Melissa! Genting got this ride for a long time lor. It was previously named Solero Space Shot but I think after a fatal (and unintentional) accident Solero requested its name to be removed from the ride since it doesn't want to be associated with it anymore. And the way the ride is played is also different. Before the rumoured accident the ride shoots the riders upwards but now for safety reasons riders are slowly lifted to the top of the tower and then dropped.

Thank you everyone for your tags! :D 

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