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Gee! What A Day!

Sorry for the lack of updates because… *drumroll* I'm busy indulging in the world of post-promotional examinations fun! Today is especially slack and meaningless since we turned up for flag raising at 7.25am and then proceed for project work session that lasts from 8am to 10am. And we have the rest of the day to ourselves!

Before that, I want to seek revenge :twisted: from Asimov since he asked me to record the entire project work session in his so new S$499 Sony cybershot camera with supersteady shot function and 7.2 megapixels! Valerie and Yingchern were screaming "what the hell"… we were wondering why Asimov can be so technology-savvy and rich! Anyways, imagine holding onto a camera at a relatively fixed position for 40 minutes (we have 2 presentations today, each lasts for approx 20 mins).

After school (which is like 10 am) we went to Nicholas' house and rot there. The gals are super-excited about the Full House Korean Series. I pulled myself together to actually watch the movie with them since I've no interest in watching any other Korean TV series as in my mind Dae Jang Geum is THE BEST.

Reached the boarding school at 5pm (means I've been rotitng for a wholly 7 hours!!!) my room has been completely repainted and the whole floor is strewn with crap (literally). We (my roommate and I) found decomposing bodies of a crushed lizard, a bumble bee, a few ladybirds and a whole fresh ant nest fleeing from the stinky paint smell. Ewwww :?: Dust is all over the place and we took 2 hours the clean everything up.

And here is a picture how my room looks like now. Sparkling clean baby :mrgreen:!

My Room!

Pin-up Board

See? I don't throw away papers that my supportive classmates passed to me ;) I treasure them like crazy :D haha! And here are your long-waited tag replies :razz:

KL: Of course this blog will be updated frequently. Let me tell you… I will not abandon this blog no matter what unless I lose the financial capability of hosting my site on a unique domain name or I die (which will happen many decades later, so fret not now).  :mrgreen: Haha, thanks a lot for your visits and tags and comments too!

Jessica: I am the biggest fan of dae Jang Geum / Da Chang Jin you might ever find, although I am getting smaller by the day since the memories start to fade. But I love the movie! Geez so heart-warming and yet sad. Oh and I love palace politics. Seeing how losers climb to the top and get backstabbed by good people :razz:

Smashp0p: Of course a lot of people since not only the current students turned up for the celebration but our many generations of seniors (some as old as 20+!!!). They came back to my college to recollect and refresh their memories ;) sweet~

Pinkfrog: Woah your sis studies in NUS? She must be a genius! :D Anyways I live in Bukit Timah. Although I know that Bukit Timah is filled with very rich people but then there is also a boarding school there, which is where I live ;)

Qureyoon: I am always as amused by your timed greetings. good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night to you if I happen to miss any of your amusing tags :D

Shaz: Oh. That's in my college only. Maybe there are small little celebrations scattered around malaysia too! Like in Penang I think all my relatives are celebrating the festival like a bunch of crazy people :razz:

KL(again): Haha. I always burp after I eat. Anyway I can create artificial burps, i.e. burp anytime I want even though I ate nothing. Haha maybe I can go register for guiness book of records :mrgreen:

Woah my hand very tired because of all the typing and the cleaning stuff. And the bad news is that my school is organising spring cleaning tomorrow! I was like, "WTF". Wadever… 

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