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Mid Autumn Festival

My school held the Mid Autum Festival Celebration at the central plaza on Saturday night when the pollution standards index is as higha s 150. But who cares? Haze itself is unable to chase us away from the nicely decorated school compounds flooded with seniors, grand seniors, great-great seniors and the lost goes on…

It is the school's student's council's tradition to organise this unique festival every year. Luckily our promotional exams ended before the celebration so the councillors do not need to sacrifice their grades too much for the preparation work. But I must give thumbs up to them for putting up all the nice decorations!

I've taken a few photos during the celebration but the entire place was too dark. Haha :mrgreen: my camera isn't some professional use camera but an everyone-can-use handy digital camera. So I am forced to use the red filter to brighten up the pictures so make things more visible… okay enough crap here let's take a look at the photos!

Council Dance

The celebration started off with a dance by the Student Council.


They then ignited the fuel-soaked signs of this year's celebration's theme.

Flames & Fountain

Woah! Flames and water don't mix but they looked nice in this photo! :D


A photoshopped photo of the fountain to hide the motion blur… hehe I am just so cunning.

Lanterns & Lights

The councillors also lit up the light decorations above the central plaza… woot! ;)

Let's Sing

Let's sing some songs!

Central Plaza

Simply a breath-taking view of the over-crowded Central Plaza.

Here are some of the mass dances photos. Pretty self explanatory so I don't think comments are needed for them eh? Cool to see such a HUGE crowd :cool:

Mass Dance

Mass Dance

Mass Dance


The PSI 150 air created halos around the lights…
…thanks to the dust particles!

Although a little late but I sincerely wish everyone a happy mid autumn festival! Enjoy the full moon :razz: 

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