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Before & After

The whole haze thingy is really pissing me off! :evil: grrrrr… let me show a few photos and you can see from them how the air quality over at garden city Singapore has deteriorated over the days!

Haze - Before & After

Haze - Before & After

Haze - Before & After

Haze - Before & After

Gee sorry for the last picture I can't get the right perspective that's why the bottom part of the photo looks a little bit weird… yar but for the rest I found the exact location where I took the photos so they are quite the same, except for the freaking haze! Gah!

And yes I must say that the air is getting to smell really like my grandma's charred bread (I hate to post the same picture but since Karen Q says she would prefer charred bread over sashimi then I'll just do her this favour :mrgreen:)

erm.. i got more interest on your black black bread than your sashimi~ lolz

So here is the charred bread: 

Charred Bread

Oh, and congratulation to Melissa for posting the 600th comment on this blog!!! Congratulations! You just won 10 meter cube of haze air sample.

600th comment by Melissa!


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