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Genting Highlands

Here are some photos… just to make this blog look lively although it is obviously going on a hiatus for a few more days because of exams :mrgreen: Hey but they are worth a look ;)

They are taken during my 3-days-2-nights trip to Genting Highlands, a highland resort in Malaysia… well, I went there not because of the casino (and I'm below the legal age to gamble) but because of the breath-taking scenery and theme park :)

Pebbles of Life - Genting Highlands

Flowers in the Wind - Genting Highlands

Ferris Wheel - Genting Highlands

Spinner @ Night - Genting Highlands

Hope you like them! :razz: Just a question… have you been to Genting Highlands before? Let me tell you (if you have not been there before)… Genting Highlands is really a nice place! A highland resort located a stone's throw away from KL (1 hr of car journey), with a nice chilly weather that wakes up all your senses! Woot! And a theme park and a casino…

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