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When Stubborn Biological Clock Meets Exams

What a long title. I have no choice but to use it since it is simply too true to be fake. ;) For your information, I am the one with the most stubborn biological clock on earth. For goodness sake it wouldn't even let me touch it… and if I do, it will screw my life upside down, inside out, leftward right and the list goes on…

Exams = Late Night Mugging. Quite true for me since I'm that kinda night owl that doesn't wake up in the morning to get worms (that's what the famous Chinese poverb says… early birds get the worms). Gah. I don't give a damm to a beautiful morning as long as I can mug quite efficiently late at night.

This is where the BIG problem is. PLAYING AROUND WITH MY STUBBORN BIOLOGICAL CLOCK. Sorry for not abiding to Internet ethics since bold and BIG words are super-duper offensive. It is so stubborn that if I played around with it for a while and it gets a little unhappy, it will make me a night owl for my entire life, that is, wake up dead late and sleep damm early, and I mena, very early in the wee hours of the morning, like 4am.

I really envy my friends. They can mug the whole night, and then go for test tomorrow, go home and play Maple for the entire night again and sleep for 24 solid hours the next day and, god dammit, RESUME THEIR NORMAL DAILY ROUTINE. I simply can't do that! Grrr *bleep* *bleep* *bleep*… like for the past month I stayed up late to do carbonyl tutorial and I ended up sleeping very early at 3~4am in the morning since then. I tried to sleepe arly but I can't. I tried to wake up early but to no avail. Stupid biological clock.

When stubborn biological clock meets exams, I'll get:

  • More wrinkles, look older. (not SKII please…)
  • Lovely black panda eyes (okay please don't ask me to use SKII (again) or neutrogena or whatsoever)
  • Lower studying efficiency during the day.
  • Look like the one who came up from the dead (hoozah! hoozah! go around scare people)
  • Be a blur sotong (squid) for the entire day.
  • Feel like sleeping for the entire day…
  • Incomprehensible speech, missing memories, blurred eyesight, can't hear anything (hye but that's good since I… speak no evil, think no evil, see no evil and hear no evil)

That's about all the bad stuff I experience from my stupid and stubborn biological clock. Haha. :mrgreen: But thanks a lot for your concerns that made my day! And make me smile and make me put some effort into this post ;) Here are your replies (thanks to the small taggie):

Qureyoon: Haha thanks for the good morning salutes ;) I love hearing them. Anyway, exams are fine… I screwed nothing up except for Biology, Chem, Maths, Econs and General Paper (that's basically all the subjects I take). Humour me :D

Smashp0p: GP means general paper in my case. But it can mean general practitioner, guadeloupe, green parties, games played, genetic programming, geometric progression, gigapixels, glycerate-3-phosphate, gold peak, goteborgs-posten, grand prix and the list goes on… :lol: haha.

BengHan: I'm feeling fine!!! Great!!! Marvelous!!! Awesome!!! Wonderful!!! Thanks for your concern, but in short I'm okay :razz:

Tonny: Don't worry about missing updates… since they're alwyas there for everyone to read :D

KL: Here is the thank you letter you requested:

Dear KL, I am so grateful that you made me realised the piggy-bank I bought 63072000 seconds ago (which is 2 years ago) was acutally a cowwy-bank! Thank you!!! *muacks* P.S.: All the best for your test! (although it was yesterday)… maybe the teacher might count wrontly and give you more points! Haha~

Denise: Oh thank you for your compliment. So sweet~ anyways, I tried exploring different angles that will not reflect my camera when I'm doing the mirror me shot :)

Rei: The cushions surely look comfy since they're my bed!!! Haha I love sleeping a lot that's why I would like a comfy bed :D

Melissa: Thanks for your compliment! Your experience will certainly help… so just try taking more photos and you'll pick up the skills! You can look at smashp0p's blog or KL's blog or Tony's blog for inspiration.

Michelle: Wah you and your sister posted in consecutive posts! LOL. Anyways the tests were okay but I screwed everything up… read me to qureyoon's reply and you'll see the humour in my comment! Muahahahaha :razz:

I sounded cranky today. But I was happy since 60% of the subjects are finished. Means I can burn all the lecture notes and tutorials! Hoozah! Hoozah!

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