Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Photos Say It All

After being inspired by several photoblogs or blog started by very enthusiastic photographers on the blogsphere, I've indulged myself in a world of discovery, realisation, camera and photoshop :mrgreen:

Here are some of the photos:

Simply a photo of myself in some funky mirror. I've got 3 eyebrows!!!

A random shot in One Utama, a Malaysia shopping mall, a few months ago.

My dearest Sansa e250 player :)

Mokozi, my little cuddly green cutie, and Moo~, the cow that everyone mistook it as a pig.

Hope you love the pictures! Oh, and since my tagboard has limited character count, I'll have to post my tag replies here :D:

smashp0p:  It is a cow! Haha. Look at the green grass it is chewing on. I didn't even notice it! I've bought this little cow 2 years ago and I always thought that it was a PIGGGGGGG. How PIG am I to be so blur?

Benghan: Good evening! A super-late reply 11 hours after your tag. Sorry I was in school… probably having chemistry lecture at that time :)

Melissa: Haha. Numbers always confuse me too. When I look at them they make me dizzy. But the only exception when there is a $ sign in front of all the chain of numbers, most preferably US$. LOL.

Jack|SQ: Thanks a lot for your wishes. People say Singapore's education system is merely promoting route-learning. Maybe. Look at the worksheets! They look nothing different than my whole load of spams I get in my gmail inbox everyday. They are spamming us question :lol:

Take care everyone!

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