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An Interesting Day

Today is surely an interesting day. The day started off with 9 absentees in school, mostly mugging real hard at home for the upcoming exams. All the best! And some told me that they are "sick"! LOL :mrgreen: Haha. "Take care" and mug hard! 

Yiwei thought for skipping CT session (meeting with our respective form teachers) later in the day so that she could use the 90 minutes to do some studying. And in the morning during assembly Asimov will check our attendance. This means that she'll need to be absent for flag raising since Asimov will surely scold her if he sees her in the morning but not in the afternoon's CT session. She hid in the band room and it was locked! :) Omg. Locked in a stuffy miserably small room for 10+ minutes during flag raising.

And then everyone was talking about skipping lessons and lectures to MUGGGGGG. We talked about it ALL DAY and in the end NOBODY SKIPPED LESSONS, as pointed out by Shueli. How comical!!! :lol: And then during CT session Asimov treated us drinks. Cool :cool:! This is the first time in the entire year Asimov is being so good to use… Soph even asked me whether she was dreaming or not! Haha~

Afternoon I mugggggged like crazy. Seeing all the numbers on maths revision worksheets makes my mind boggle and float around… geez :?

For the rest of the evening I was mugging with Soph, Simon, Yueqi, Eunice and Chris in the reading room. Brrrrrr the air con was so cold my *ss was nearly frozen and stuck on the seat! My fingers turned purple as if they're gonna get frostbites. Yeowch!

On my way back to boarding school I managed to capture this amazing moment: 

And here is a random shot – sunset in school to conclude the day. ;)

Cheers! :razz:

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