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Swimming Test

Today's swimming test is simply tiring! Imagine treading on water for 3 minutes, and then trying to make a piece of pyjamas a float, dive and swim 5 m under water and then swim 8 laps? Geeeez!

Treading Water – I never thought that 180 seconds will last that long! I was like treading for some time, and my hands and legs were really giving up. Blame it on lactic acid build up. Okay, wadever. Then the teacher shouted "1 minute!". Means we'll have to tread for another 2 minutes? Ivan was beside he. He looked tired too. Lekchia was owning! He is from waterpolo and there is no way he can fail the test.

Pyjamas as Float – It was funny. We were supposed to make a cannon-ball jump (means we jump, curl up and plonk into the water) and then use a pyjamas pants to make a float. I tied the two ends up and started blowing bubbles into it. Not until halfway then I realised that the openings were not tied properly, and the spastic pants are leaking!!! I saw Chris Seah's float inflated so big! And they made me think of Bananas in Pyjamas :razz:

Dive and Swim – Dive and swim 5m. Sounds easy. The guys before me passed it as if it was just peanuts! I dived and halfway through it I felt like I was drowning. I took a deep breath and I endd up drinking dead cells, chlorine, dirt and water. Pui pui pui! Ewwwwww….

Swim 8 Laps – The condition is that we must swim at least 4 laps of frontcrawl, which nearly killed me. Breathing was hard enough, and with my super tired legs and hands because of the water treading, my frontcrawl was even slower than LekChia's breaststroke. Not fair since he's from water polo. He and Chris finished first. And I was last. HAHA :mrgreen:

Then we went to the poolside see the girls do the pyjamas float thing. Mr Ling forced them to put the pyjamas on and then cannon-ball jump into the water!!! So funny! It was even funnier when the girls were desperately trying to remove the pants underwater and blow air into it. Haha. Shueli was making loads of noise to keep us entertained!

Haha. Funny but tiring. That's today ;) 

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