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5 Years Ago…

This post is a tribute to those who have unfortunately perished in the 911 attack, those who have in one way or another rendered support to broken families, those who bravely fought the fire, those who evacuated civilians, those who coordinated the traffic after disaster, those who helped to salvage the remains of the tower, those who kindly donated to the fund, those who… 

5 years ago.

I was having my holidays in a highland resort. It was night time, after a tiring day from the theme park. While waiting for mum to serve me warm porridge, I switched on a TV.

I saw a plane. Flying towards two big towers.

I saw explosion, fire, smoke. 

I saw two big towers, burning, smouldering.

I saw people jumping off the burning inferno in a bid to escape the fire.

I saw the footages of people screaming after they saw the first impact, and then the second impact. Then I saw the footages of street-level pedastrians scrambling for their lives as the towers collapse.

I saw the collapsing tower, mercilessly crushing nearby buildings.

I saw the wreckage left behind. Still smoulding. Devastated.

I thought it was a disaster film. The news broadcaster went on an on. I realised I was watching a NEWS broadcast and not another HBO movie. The feeling of seeing a terrorist attack right in front of a television is horrible. My heart sunk. Mum immediately tried to recall anyone in our extended family resided in US. Third aunt. She rang her up and heard the voices of panicky third aunt. But then we realised that she works in California. She should be fine.

I've never thought that terrorist would take such drastic measure to achieve their aim – extort the government to give them money, create unnecessary fear among the members of general public. I thought they just engage in war – those kinds that take place in the battle field. I've never thought of them hijacking planes and flying them into skyscrapers and important buildings.

A few days later back at home the local newspapers and magazines are flooded with reports, ranging from the detailed accounts by witnesses to desperate people trying to locate their loved ones in New York via the US Embassy in Malaysia.

May all the perished souls rest in peace. My prayers are up for you all. 

5 years and 1 day ago.

5 years minus 1 day ago:

4 years and 1 day ago.

3 years and 1 day ago.

2 years and 1 day ago.

1 year and 1 day ago.


I miss World Trade Center. I miss the peaceful days before the attack. I miss… world peace.

5 years after the attack. New York slowly, but surely recovering from the after-effects of the terrorist attack. The economy is booming, the stock exchange is flooded with people, the shares are climbing at rocket speed, record number of visitors arrive at Empire States Buildings, Time Square is again bustling with life, streets of New York is as lively as before. People flock to posh cafes and restaurants, broadways are becoming more and more best-selling, ticket sales climb crazily, Brooklyn Bridges teeming with life.

New York is such a nice place. It is like a phoenix that has risen from the ashes. New York has indeed made extremely fast recovery ;) I love New York. 

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